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How To – Running Wire for Electrical and other Services

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    There are many times when you will need to add or upgrade electrical, cable tv, telephone or other services in your home. To do so you need to understand both how circuits are designed and how your home is constructed to fish the wire through walls and make proper connections.

    In other HowTos we will cover wall construction in more detail but lets take a look at the components of an average wall so we know how to …

    How To – Making Cable Tv Cables

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      Whether you are wiring your whole home or just making a custom cable that runs from your wall outlet to your television the steps and tools you need are the same.

      In this HowTo you will learn how to strip cable ends and use crimp connectors.

      Tools you will need
      RG-6 Crimping tool
      Utility knife or stripping tool
      Wire Cutters
      RG-6 Crimp Connectors

      See the bottom of the HowTo for Tool Links

      First …

      Active Solar Heating

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        Active Solar depends on movement from a collector to the area that the heat will be used. Sometimes the heat is used for water heating and other times it is used for space heating.

        There are two basic types of active heat collection: Air and Liquid.

        Hot water heating is a good example of an Active Liquid Heating System.

        A collector is placed on the roof of the building and a insulated hot water storage tank …

        Installing Your Homes Electric Service

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          Installing your Electric Service is not the most complex part of building a home or even wiring your homes electrical circuits but it must be done with extreme care because the risk for electrocution is pretty good.

          I say this because unlike the wiring inside your home there is no circuit breaker to limit the amount of electricity that can be passed through the service line. Any part prior to the …

          Book – Black & Decker Complete Guide to Home Wiring

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            Book B&D Guide to Home WiringAt first glance this is a really great book for your coffee table or as an introduction to electrical services.

            With over 300 pages Black & Decker tries to cover most areas in the home that a do-it-yourself or just someone that might want to educate themselves in the basics of wiring.

            The images and cross-sections are great for …

            How To – Electrical Outlet & Switch Boxes

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              Boxes come in two basic types Metal and Plastic.
              For general residential construction the choice is left up to the contractor and if the box is not exposed then it will most often be a plastic box. Exposed boxes like the ones found in unfinished basements and outside the home are made of metal this is to reduce the risk of breaking the box and then having exposed wires.

              Installing …

              Home Wiring Intro

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                Electricity can be dangerous.

                You should always turn the circuit off at the breaker box or remove any fuse to a circuit you are working on.

                One easy way to find the circuit is to plug-in a radio in to the branch you want to work on then turn off breakers at the main box until the noise stops. Once the circuit is cold you want to tape that circuit breaker in the off position and hang a sign over it …