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Tool Guide – Non-contact Electrical Voltage Testers

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    Voltage testers that are used for your home’s electrical wiring have lower requirements then those used to diagnose your cars charging system or other electronic devices.

    For the most part electrical testers for 110 to 220 volt AC will test for the presence of current at a location. They are usually used to diagnose if there is a fault between the circuit breaker and the outlet or appliance, a mismatch in the wiring of a …

    How To – Choosing And Installing A Television Satellite Dish

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      With the Digital Transition now in effect this is probably a good time to evaluate your home television reception and what possibilities you have for improving it.

      If you live near a metropolitan area you may have seen the transition to digital provide a few extra channels to your over the air lineup. Many major stations have begun offering 24 hour news or weather stations while others have introduced sports channels and other offerings only …

      How To – UPS Backup Power For Electronics

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        With so many people depending on computers and high end electronics in their homes and businesses electrical outages can cause loss of data, corruption of your operating system and basic inconvenience.

        If you live in an area that does not see electrical storms or high winds on a regular basis you are still at risk from transformer breakdowns or even accidents that can take out an electric pole that …

        How To – Making Electric Solar Panels Can It Be Done?

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          I like many out there look for ways to reduce my monthly utility bills and alternative energy has been an interest to me since the 1970’s when I first saw a home with panels and asked what they were for.

          Recently … I would say in the last 6 months I have been coming across articles on large websites not independent ones claiming that the average person who is handy can build their own solar …

          How To – GFCI Electrical Outlets

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            In locations where water might cause a problem like in your bathroom or kitchen it is important to use a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) Outlet or have GFCI protection in your Circuit Breaker Box.

            Electrical Codes should mandate their use in new construction but if you are living in or buying an older home you can do the upgrade or hire someone to do it for not a lot of …

            Extension Cords

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              When installing appliances or working with heavy tools you should take special precautions to use the properly rated extension cords.

              Tools like Air Compressors, Welders and appliances like Stoves, Washers and Dryers will use a lot of amperage. If the extension cord you use is not thick enough the cord will heat up and could cause a fire.
              A simple method for getting the AMPs your item uses is

              WATTS / VOLTS = AMPS

              So if you have a 400 watt power supply on your computer and …

              How To – Using A MultiMeter To Test Electrical Circuits

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                Search : Sinometer DT830B 20-Range DMM & Battery TesterEvery Good toolbox should have a couple different types of Electrical Testers. For testing if electricity is present at a wall outlet you may want to use a non-contact electrical tester pen that costs about $10 and can sense electricity within a shielded wire and will light up to tell you the circuit is hot. This is very similar to a timing light that is used in …

                How To – Installing An Electric Range Or Stove

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                  Search : Bosch : HES7052U Evolution 700 Series 30in Freestanding Electric Range - Stainless SteelInstalling a new electric range is something that most home owners can do themselves with just a few simple tools and depending on where you purchased your range it may save you upwards of $150 on labor costs.

                  The hardest part physically will be moving the new range into position and removing the old one. Many appliance centers will have a free …

                  How To – Electrical Regulations Home Owners Should Know Before Work Begins

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                    All Products : National Electrical Code  2008 (National Fire Protection Association National Electrical Code)Before you begin your project or hire someone to do the work you should understand the basic requirements that need to be followed in order for your electrical upgrades or changes to be covered under your local or state electrical code.

                    Residential Electrical codes are different then those applied to commercial buildings but this does not mean they are not as important.

                    For …