How To – One Hour Home Energy Audit Checklist

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    This quick checklist will let you evaluate many of the worst energy wasting culprits in your home.

    It is not to be considered a be all end all survey of your home but it may point out areas that need some attention.

    For a full energy audit you may be able to contact your local electric company for free or low cost evaluation of your home. If you do ask someone in to inspect your home you should ask that they do a whole house air pressure test where they place a fan in your doorway and measure the infiltration of air at every window door and tiny crack .. that is a real good test but unfortunately it is rarely done.


    lnsulation spread evenly
    lnsulation in good condition
    Attic vents are unblocked by insulation
    Attic access doors properly insulated and sealed

    Walls and floors

    Minimum R-value of 19 for perimeter walls
    Minimum R-value 25 for under-floor insulation


    Ductwork insulated and sealed
    Hot water pipes insulated
    Water heater insulated, if in unconditioned space

    Heating and Cooling

    Air supply vents are unblocked by fumiture or curtains
    Retum air registers are unblocked by furniture
    Retum air handler filters are clean
    HVAC system has had annual maintenance check-up
    Programmable thermostat installed and programmed

    Windows and Doors

    Windows close and lock properly
    Window gaskets in good condition
    Window trim sealed and painted
    Doors properly weather stripped
    Doors close and latch properly

    Exterior Penetrations

    Plumbing and wire openings sealed:
    Kitchen cabinets
    Bathroom cabinets
    Utility room
    Fireplace damper seals tightly

    Appliances and Lighting

    Refrigerator condenser coils clean
    Refrigerator door gasket tight
    Unused refrigerators and freezers unplugged
    Water heater set to 120 degrees or below
    Dishwasher energy-saving feature turned on
    Washing machine loads run with cold water when possible

    Well Pump

    Operating properly
    Good pressure
    No leaks


    Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) used
    Outdoor lighting automatically triggered by motion or dark

    Final Note

    Remember this is just a one hour test that you can perform yourself.

    In our other howtos we will look at a full air infiltration and energy audit.

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