How To – Planning For Your Home Office

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    The largest percentage of growth is in home run or small businesses but when planing your office it is important to make choices that let you run more efficiently then a large business.  This means you must know the demands of your customer and structure your business to meet all their needs. Think about it if you want a job done you want it done right and and price and performance are a big …

    How To – Selecting Paint Colors For Your Home Office

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      Search : Finishers ColorwheelSelecting a color theme for your home office is different then what you might choose for the rest of your house. There are a number of factors that you should take into account and not base your choice completely on your own taste but also the suitability for your clients.

      First you should define your business type.

      Do you provide Professional Services, Daycare, Contracting, Light Manufacturing or Food Services.

      Is the Office deductible on …

      How To – Painting Laminate Countertop

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        In a recent conversation with a friend they told me of a laminate countertop that they were unhappy with due to discoloration over many years. Although the countertop was in relatively decent physical condition it seems stains, scuffs and scratches were making the countertop look unappealing. They then asked my opinion on painting the countertop and told me of a few websites that had suggested painting could restore the countertop to new condition.

        After hearing …

        How To – Caring For Cut Flowers To Extend Their Life

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          Once a Flower is cut the time that it will last is limited but there are some very simple things that you can do to get the most out of your purchase or garden cuttings.

          If you are retrieving flowers from your own garden you want to select flowers that are just about to or just have bloomed.

          Stem length will be determined by the type of flower and the condition of the plant. It is …

          Buying Guide – Choosing The Right Type Of Plywood

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            Plywood is used in a variety of places around our home. It can be found on our roofs, in our walls, floors and cabinets.

            Plywood gets its name from the way it is made. Thin layers of veneer thickness wood shaved from spruce and pine are stacked in layers or plies with its grain alternating in different directions. Each layer gets a coating of adhesive and the sheet is pressed until the glue cures then …

            How To – Painting Or Refinishing Hardwood Cabinets

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              There comes a time in the life of any kitchen when upgrades or repairs are necessary. Just like the furniture in the rest of your home you may find that hardware or door faces don’t match your style or are in need of replacing but instead of throwing away thousands of dollars what is the best way you can make your kitchen function and look like new again?

              The original grade of cabinet will dictate …

              How To – Design Ideas To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

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                There are a number of ways to make a smaller room feel a bit larger then it is and the first thing you should consider is the best way to utilize every portion to its fullest.

                When purchasing furniture for the room you should buy size appropriate furniture and not try to fit larger pieces in the room. If you are decorating a bedroom you will need to use the smallest bed that you can …

                How To – Glass Shelving For Bathrooms Easy To Clean And Sanitary

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                  Tools & Hardware : Neu Home 2-Tier Shelf with Towel BarsGlass shelving is one of the best materials for your bathroom because it is easy to clean and because it it nonporous it will not contribute to the growth of mold and germs.

                  Glass is also a relatively inexpensive material however common glass should not be used for shelving. If you are building your own shelves or replacing a broken shelf you want to ask your …

                  How To – Decorating Ideas For Small Bedrooms

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                    Search : Z Bedroom Desk (51" x 22" x 30"H)Whether you have a small bedroom or just want to improve the amount of stuff you can fit in an average sized bedroom there are many ways to make use of space and make your room more livable.

                    When decorating a small room you should remember to use items and furniture that are proportionate. This does not mean that you need to lose function it …

                    How To – Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget

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                      After a number of years of use your kitchen cabinets will need upgrading for appearance or function but the cost of ripping everything out and starting over can make you wonder if it is worth doing.

                      Most realtors will tell you that Kitchen and bathroom upgrades will give you the most bang for the buck if the rest of your home is in general good condition. That means if you have other problem areas in …