How To – Masonry And Concrete Anchors And Fasteners

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    When you need to attach an item to a Masonry wall a nail or regular screw just won’t work in this case you need to use a special anchor that is inserted into the masonry and held in place by friction.

    Small items can be placed with masonry screws that are similar to standard screws but are hardened and sometimes self tapping. Masonry screws will require a driver head attached to a standard drill. If …

    How To – Picking The Right Interior Room Paint

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      Picking the right color for your home’s interior is no joking matter. Although painting the average size room can cost as little as $100 to $300 the choice you make will have a lot to do with how you feel in your surroundings.

      Color Science has become a technical trade used in many different design related fields. Car manufacturers take months and years of research to develop as few as 10 colors that will attract …

      Buying Guide – Cast Stone

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        Cast Stone was first developed about 800 years ago but it did not get widespread use in residences until the 1920’s.

        The main benefits of cast stone is the ability to provide a natural stone feel with intricate details as found on fireplace mantles while keeping the cost down.

        Castings can be made for everything from decorative lamps, Countertops, and Architectural Details used both inside and outside but the pieces themselves can not be made as …

        How To – Cleaning And Restoring Decorative Brass Items

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          From Fireplace pokers to brass door knobs and cabinet pulls every home is bound to have at least a few brass items that need to be taken care of.

          Although Brass is a relatively soft metal when compared to steel it is durable and not prone to rusting.

          It is also fairly decent in the way of maintainability requiring limited polishing to remove oxidation but nothing can limit the amount of surface buildup when items are …

          How To – Creating Marbling Paint Textures

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            When creating special texture effects in your home for accent walls or decoration you may want to try a marblized effect.

            Marbling is a technique where different colors of paint are layered in a pattern to break up a solid color.

            You can get as creative as you want designing an abstract pattern or one that simulates the colors and textures found in natural marble

            How To – Preparing Your Walls For Paint

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              If you are planning to paint a room in your house you should take time to prepare the walls for paint. Even if you don’t have nail pops or holes there are things you should do before applying that coat of primer or another top coat.

              Cleaning your walls is a must for every paint job and doing so will allow you to inspect your walls for any imperfections that need to be fixed.

              If your …

              How To – Sanding Drywall For Final Paint Application

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                After you have completed repairing or installing your drywall you will need to sand and prepare the drywall compound used for taping joints and filling nail or screw heads.

                Sanding is only for the final prep of the wall and for the most part won’t be needed while making repairs.

                First start by working your way around the entire room with a drywall pallet knife knocking down any big bumps. Hold the knife at a tight …

                How To – Dealing With Damaged And Ugly Popcorn Ceilings

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                  Popcorn ceilings are a fad that have seen their day unfortunately once they are installed they tend to stay around longer then basements full of 1960’s wood paneling.

                  There are two reasons designers or home owners install popcorn ceilings.

                  The first is to reduce repair major problems.

                  If a home owner or remodeler is confronted with a ceiling that has a heavy damage then they have the choice of replacing the drywall,  making spot repairs which will …

                  How To – Finding Lost Space With Closet Organizers

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                    Its strange to think about but putting something else in your already packed closet can actually give you more room…

                    There are a number of things that you can do in just a few hours to free up space in your own closet.

                    First would be your clothing rack heights. Most of our clothes are half the length of the average 6 foot high hanger bar. By dividing the space in two vertically you can actually …

                    How To – Installing Wire Rack Shelves

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                      Wire rack shelves can be used in many places in our homes to provide sturdy storage areas in our kitchens, closets and utility rooms. For the most part they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install however storing fradgile or smaller object can be a problem.

                      Here we will cover the basic choices and install methods.

                      The first thing you need to do is measure the area where you want the shelves …