How To – Glass Shelving For Bathrooms Easy To Clean And Sanitary

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    Tools & Hardware : Neu Home 2-Tier Shelf with Towel BarsGlass shelving is one of the best materials for your bathroom because it is easy to clean and because it it nonporous it will not contribute to the growth of mold and germs.

    Glass is also a relatively inexpensive material however common glass should not be used for shelving. If you are building your own shelves or replacing a broken shelf you want to ask your glass shop to use tempered glass which is stronger and will shatter when broken rather then break into large sharp pieces.

    If you have children in your home you may want to position the glass shelves higher then their reach until they are old enough to understand to take some care when using them and that they are not to climb / hang on or use roughly.

    Thicker tempered glass is available in 1/4 to 1/2 inch in thickness and will improve durability.

    Standard Sizes are from 16 to 24 inches in width and include standard depths of 6 to 10 inches.

    Etched Designs

    If desired you may want to have the bottom of the shelf smoke etched. This may minimally increase some of the cleaning requirements but it will also provide a surface that is easier to see especially for older adults or those with decreased depth perception.

    Decorative patterns such as ivy or flowers are often used for edge effects and can provide much of the same quality as fully smoked glass while allowing light to pass through to lower shelves.

    Shelf Brackets

    Tools & Hardware : Alno A9750-MB - Aspen Series Shelf Brackets Only - Matte Black FinishIt is important to select a sturdy yet less noticeable bracket system when using glass for shelving.

    Remember to always check the rating of any bracket system as most are only for light use and can cause problems if loaded with many different products or even a house plant or other heavy decorative item.

    Many shelf brackets made specifically for glass will have small rubber or foamĀ  or felt type pads that must be installed between the bracket mounts and the glass to reduce contact which could cause a fracture, chipping or just abrasion of the glass.

    Design Choices

    Search : Gatco 1395 Franciscan Premier  Glass Shelf, Chrome

    Glass is a relatively modern look however since it has been in use for many years there are variations thatĀ  can meet any decor.

    You will have a large selection of material types and shapes when selecting bracket designs that can add to a modern or classic feel.

    Chrome, nickle and gold plate choices are available to match most any fixture in your bathroom and often are prepackaged as a choice in sets.

    You can select from a single shelf that may also have a towel rack included on the base or multi-shelf units that can hold many items.


    Glass can be cleaned with standard household cleaners. A mild 10% bleach solution in water allowed to sit for 15 minutes will kill all bacteria and other nasty contaminants.

    Never mix bleach with ammonia which is often found in glass cleaners because it can produce a toxic gas which will irritate your lungs.

    As a matter of fact it is a good idea to keep the door open run your bathroom exhaust fan while you clean with any product to help increase fresh air.

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