How To – Entertainment Systems For Small Rooms

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    All Products : SPECO 17" LCD A/V  Monitor with TV Tuner (Color)It is important to not duplicate your efforts when it comes to entertainment electronics in a small room. If you have a computer that you need for work, school or online entertainment it is possible to use its display for a television.

    Some monitors now come with built in television tuners or you can add a card or usb device to connect to your cable tv or other device. This in addition to services like can provide you a full range of television choices without the need for an additional device.

    Remote controls are also available so you can lay in bed and watch tv without the need to get up and change the station.

    Along with television you can also listen to a number of radio stations online or through your tuner and MP3s or other music playlists from or other services can provide you a full range of entertainment selections.

    Sound System

    Electronics : Klipsch Synergy Quintet III Home Theater Speaker System (Set of Five, Black)For listening you have a range of everything from speakers built into the side of your monitor to wireless headphones and powered speakers. Don’t go overboard on the speaker system in a small room.

    Speakers with a power range from 10watts to 50watts maximum will be all that is needed even for cranking up your favorite tunes.

    Surround sound systems can cost $50 or less and if you don’t have room to place them in standard locations you can hang them from the ceiling or install a corner shelf.

    Wireless speakers are also a great option.

    Lacking Computer Access?

    Electronics : Sony CMT-LX20i 10W RMS Total Power Output Micro Hi-Fi Shelf SystemSometimes you don’t have a need for a computer but still want to enjoy music, TV or movies. In this case you can build a great entertainment system for only a few hundred dollars.

    Start with an inexpensive LCD Television that can be mounted on a wall to take up less space.

    A small shelf can hold a DVD Player that can play both music and movies and with some creative wiring or even wireless speakers you can setup a sound system with either stereo surround sound.

    You can even get IPod or other device docs … or USB thumb drives that can allow you to store and play music.

    Final Note

    Whether you are setting up an entertainment system for your bedroom , office or apartment it does not need to cost a lot to sound great and provide what you need.

    The key to saving money on your purchase and getting the most out of each device you buy is making sure that the options you need are ones you are buying…

    You can buy a widescreen lcd that can take up a whole wall and a 1500 watt sound system but if you are never going to use it then save your money and just get what you need and add to your system over time.

    Even if you move or move the system into a larger room you will find that you can keep most of what you have and simply add to it.

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