How To – Preparing your Cabinets for Paint

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    Painting your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a brand new look. Painting your old cabinets can lower the cost of a kitchen remodel or cover the repairs of damaged cabinets.

    You have a few options before you begin your work.

    Will you keep all of your old hardware (cabinet pulls and hinges) or will you replace them?

    Will you keep your cabinet door fronts or will you upgrade them for a new style?

    If you are keeping …

    How To – Measuring for New Window Blinds and Shades

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      You can purchase blinds in many different styles and colors and new window blinds will give your room a great new look for a relatively low cost.

      Most people are familiar with horizontal blinds traditionally used to cut sunlight this type of blind is normally installed on single windows or can be mounted together to cover openings with more then one window.

      For larger openings vertical blinds work well for sliding glass doors and bay windows …

      How To – Picking the Right Sized Mattress For Your Bedroom

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        There are many considerations when selecting a new mattress for you bedroom the first consideration many of us have is what will it cost but also comfort is as important.

        With comfort you will have a number of features that you can select from. There are different types of coils within the mattress, different types of box springs that are under the mattress and padding tops that turn your bed into one big pillow.

        In this …

        How To – Design Ideas To Improve Dull Hallways

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          All Products : Winsome Wood Hall Table with 4 Drawers, BlackHallways are for getting from one room to another and we don’t spend most of our time there so they often go overlooked when you are designing your home’s Decor however because they may offer some of the largest available wall space there are ways to make use of them.
          Hallway Design Considerations
          The the most important thing when deciding to add style in your hallways it …

          How To – Fixing Small Drywall Cracks

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            Smaller cracks in drywall can actually be more difficult to repair then larger cracks that you can mud and tape but there is a way that you can get decent results that will last for years.

            The first thing you need to do is inspect the crack and note its location.

            If the crack in your drywall is over a doorway or over a window then you could have a structural problem with your house. If …

            How To – Building A Basement Workout Room

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              One of the best things about owning your own home is that you don’t need to go out to the Gym and spend extra money to get in shape.  That 20 minutes you spend on the road can be spent exercising and if you do that every day you will definitely be in shape in just a few months.

              The fact is you don’t even need a lot of expensive machines to get in shape …

              How To – Restoring Antique Brass Fixtures And Hardware

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                Brass is used throughout our homes in both solid metal form and in plating to add style and protect other metals from corrosion.  It can be found in furniture, plumbing fixtures, door knobs and hinges, lighting fixtures and a variety of decorative accents.

                To take care of your brass items you must first determine if the item is solid brass or plated with brass. A solid brass item can be handled much harsher with buffing …

                How To – Glass Decals For Safety And Style

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                  Glass decals can be used around your home for both decorative and personal safety reasons and their design and application is pretty much limited only by your imagination.

                  One of the best things about decals is that they can be removed if you change your style or want to sell your home. This way your personal taste can change and you don’t need to make expensive repairs.

                  There are two basic types of ways decals can …

                  How To – Storing Latex Paint For Long Life

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                    When painting your home or projects with latex paint you are likely to have extra paint. Because quality paint can be somewhat of an investment today it is important to store leftover paint in a way that it will last until it is needed.

                    No matter what you do to protect your investment you should remember that latex paint does have a shelf life. Most manufacturers will suggest that both oil and latex paint be …

                    How To – Picking Paint Colors Avoiding The Dated Look

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                      How many times have you watched one of the realtor house hunting shows on TV and heard a prospective buyer say, everything looks nice and clean but it seems a bit dated.

                      The fact is trendy styles can date the age of your home or when it was last remodeled.  Its similar to fashion and although they say everything old becomes new again you can never bet on when a specific style will be in …