How To Decide Between Building or Buying a Bookcase

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    Building Bookcases is one of the easier starter projects for people who want to learn how to work with wood. The project can be very simple or intricate and you can go with a Painted surface or with Natural Wood Stain. Unfortunately if you think that building a bookcase will be cheaper than buying one then you are wrong and we will go through what it will take and the materials that you might …

    How To Pick A Good Cheap Mattress

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      If you are in the market for a new mattress then you will find that the number of options can make the task a bit difficult. In this how to we will cover the steps you will take to decide which mattress is best for you and how much you can save by choosing different options.

      I personally just went through this process twice and I picked two different types of mattresses for different reasons. …

      How To Get rid of your Christmas Tree the easy way

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        So you decided this year would be a good time to try a real tree for Christmas but as hard as it was putting up you know its going to be just as hard or worse taking it down.

        Well really its not that difficult and with a few easy steps you can get all of your decorations safely packed away and your tree outside ready for recycling.

        The first thing we should talk about …

        How to Buy and Install a Real Christmas Tree

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          If you have never owned a real Christmas Tree then getting your first one will be quite an accomplishment. There are different dealers that sell Trees and many of them come off of commercial farms. You might find that a large retail center allows or rents space for a tree dealer in the corner of their parking lot or maybe a super store gets a delivery of a few dozen every couple weeks …

          How To – Adding A Chalk Board Wall To Your Childs Room

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            If your children love to draw or maybe if you are a home schooler you might want to add a chalkboard to one of the walls in your home. I would suggest doing this only after you have taught them not to write on the walls because they may end up getting easily confused and think its ok to write on any wall .. but if this is your plan there are a …

            How To Shoe Storage Options

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              If you are like me you have three pairs of shoes. Your good shoes, the old pair for the garden and a pair of Steel Toe Boots. Storing shoes is not a big deal for me but for many people it is. Not only do many people have a variety of shoes those shoes can be pretty expensive.

              Storing and taking care of your shoes means saving money in the long run. You should …

              How To 10 Big Decorating Mistakes we all make

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                Decorating your home is really not much more than organizing what you have and making purchases that best fit your home.

                Many people will hire a contractor to design a look for their home or maybe they will research ideas on their own from magazines and online resources but living in a model home that you can never change can be pretty dramatic. You find your home has taken over your life instead of …

                How To – Protecting your Projects with Gel Topcoat Satin Polyurethane

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                  Over the past many years Manufacturers continue to expand their product lines to offer solutions for the hobbyist and professional.

                  The product that we are looking at today is Gel formulated Polyurethane Topcoat.

                  It is important to understand this type of topcoat before you decide to use it. Many people have excellent results with gel formulated topcoats but only when they use it for its specific result.

                  Gel Coat Stains are often paired with Gel Topcoat products …

                  How To – Will using Primer when Painting your home help you save money?

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                    Everyone is budget conscious and when it comes to deciding if you should spruce up your home it is no different. For most people painting interior rooms is high on their list of projects but for first time painters and those who have not attempted it for a while the decision to simply buy paint or buy primer and paint may make you think twice about if you can afford to do it or …

                    How To – Change the look of your Bedroom for Under $500

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                      Bedrooms are one of the most utilized places in our homes. Along with giving us a place to sleep many of us now have computers for school or business and televisions for entertainment.

                      Whether you are making an upgrade because your kids are getting older or you just want to improve a neglected part of your home it shouldn’t cost you so much that you have to think twice about it. So, lets look at …