How To – Maintenance Tips for Mold Free Composite Deck Materials

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    Composite Deck Materials used for Deck Surfaces, Railing, Balusters and Steps have been in use for more then 15 years in the United States and although they are low care product they are not maintenance free.

    Because composite materials use a high content of plastics they are less prone to absorb water. Wood decking that is pressure treated has a chemical injected in it that treats the wood to reduce its breakdown when molds, fungus …

    How To – Learning by Doing Taking that First Step in Learning To Repair Stuff

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      No one jumps in and builds a house or a skyscraper or race car on their first try unless they are crazy. The fact is building and fixing things takes years to learn. The good thing is most of us have an opportunity to learn about how things work as we grow up.

      The first step in changing a flat on a monster caterpillar truck is changing the inner tube on your 10 speed bike …

      How To – Intro to Drywall

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        Most home interiors are now finished with Drywall but not so long ago most homes were finished with either wood paneling or Plaster over lath. So what made the change and what are your choices?

        The main reason for the change to Drywall was the ease of installation.
        To install plaster over a lath base takes both a lot of time and a good amount of skill. Some more expensive homes will still …

        How To – Winter Ice and Rain Gutter Problems

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          For Houses located in Snow Zone areas special precautions should be taken to reduce the possibility of roofing failure and water damage do to Ice Dams.

          Ice Dams occur when snow located on a roof melts and then turns back to ice as it enters the gutter system. Once the gutter is filled the ice will start to push up and get under the first …

          How To – Obtaining Permits For Flood Repair Can Mean Special Considerations

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            In many locations that have been hard hit by floods the permit process for flood repair requires additional notification to your building official before work can be completed and you can live in your home safely.

            Normally a home owner can perform general maintenance and some upgrades without the need of a permit. In cases where plumbing, electrical or framing is being modified or added a permit is almost always required in normal conditions. For …

            How To – Fixing Small Drywall Cracks

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              Smaller cracks in drywall can actually be more difficult to repair then larger cracks that you can mud and tape but there is a way that you can get decent results that will last for years.

              The first thing you need to do is inspect the crack and note its location.

              If the crack in your drywall is over a doorway or over a window then you could have a structural problem with your house. If …

              How To – Construction Project Timeline Management & General Contracting

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                Whether you are working on your own home or building homes for others one of the most important tasks in General Contracting and project management is understanding and planing your task timeline.  As the saying goes you can’t put the cart before the horse but even if you know you need a horse and a cart there are so many other factors before you can take the ride.

                Smaller projects like planting a garden can …

                How To – Installing A Ledger For Your Deck Or Porch

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                  Probably the most important part of your deck or porch addition is how it is fastened to your home.

                  With so many different design options for your addition there is really only one way to attach the most important structural part of your deck and that is by using a ledger board and carriage bolts as fasteners.

                  Some contractors will have you believe that you can simply nail or lag bolt or build a …

                  How To – Wood, Metal Or Poly Plastic Garden Sheds Which Is Best?

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                    There are a number of different choices when you are looking to purchase a Garden Shed and with all types you must consider the size and whether you will purchase a kit or have a completed shed delivered.

                    For the most part when you purchase a wood shed they will come pre-assembled and will most likely require only leveling of the ground or placing of concrete blocks to position the shed in its permanent place.

                    [adrotate …

                    How To – Building Basics – The 4 main parts of a home

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                      In this HowTo we will cover the 4 basic parts of a house structure.

                      Yes I know you are saying there are so many items in a house how can it be broken down to just 4 main parts. Well here we will be covering the structure of the home better known as the Framing.

                      Framing can be thought of as the shell or skeleton of the home.

                      The parts used …