How To – Refinish And Stain Outdoor Wood Bench

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    In this HowTo we will cover the basic steps of restaining an outside bench that has had its finish ruined by the elements.

    There are 4 pages to this HowTo

    To perform the work you will need.

    Electric Sander
    1 Pack of assorted Sandpaper
    Paint Scraper
    Good Quality Nylon Brush
    Brush Cleaner
    Small Can Of Wood Stain
    Small Can Of Urethane Sealer
    Spray Can of Flat Black Paint
    Masking Tape
    Old News Paper
    Plastic Tarp

    Cost for restoring this bench will be …

    HowTo – Concrete Backer Board & Drywall For Bathroom Remodeling

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      Search : Modern Bathroom Vanity Sink Basin Cabinet Set 3138Depending on the age of your home and the extent of your bathroom remodeling project you may or may not have to remove the drywall or plaster lath that make up the surfaces for your walls.

      If your home was built before 1960 and you will be doing more then just replacing a vanity and toilet then you should probably consider a total remake of …

      How To – Installing Plywood Decking Over Floor Joists

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        After you have installed your floor joists the next step is installing the plywood decking that will be the base for your home’s floors.

        Before you begin this part of your project it is important that you make sure your joists / rim joists are aligned so the home is square.  Using a tape measure check the corners for square and double check the distances between the joists at 16 on center.

        Decking comes in two …

        How To – Repairing A Rotted Exterior Door Jam Molding

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          All wood products will eventually decay and in this howto we will cover how you can repair a rotted door jam and molding.

          The first thing you have to do is find the problem. When decay sets in on painted surfaces you will often find that the piece will look relatively ok from the outside but because the non-painted surfaces may have absorbed water over months and years the damage is likely to happen from …

          How To – Wood Filler And Repair Products To Hide Damage

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            No matter how nice you are to your cabinets, floors and furniture there is going to come a time when you cause some damage that needs to be repaired.

            The first thing you need to keep in mind when repairing damage is… no matter how well you do the job your in-laws will walk into your home and directly to the repaired object and stair at it throughout their visit.

            Another consideration is whether the repair …

            How To – Sanding Drywall For Final Paint Application

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              After you have completed repairing or installing your drywall you will need to sand and prepare the drywall compound used for taping joints and filling nail or screw heads.

              Sanding is only for the final prep of the wall and for the most part won’t be needed while making repairs.

              First start by working your way around the entire room with a drywall pallet knife knocking down any big bumps. Hold the knife at a tight …

              How To – Dealing With Damaged And Ugly Popcorn Ceilings

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                Popcorn ceilings are a fad that have seen their day unfortunately once they are installed they tend to stay around longer then basements full of 1960’s wood paneling.

                There are two reasons designers or home owners install popcorn ceilings.

                The first is to reduce repair major problems.

                If a home owner or remodeler is confronted with a ceiling that has a heavy damage then they have the choice of replacing the drywall,  making spot repairs which will …

                How To – Finding Wall Studs Behind Drywall

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                  Whether you are hanging a picture or installing a light switch there are many times when you need to locate the studs that are in your finished walls.

                  Some people will suggest a tap and listen method to find where the stud is located but this is probably not a great idea. Since your wall may be made of paneling, drywall or plaster over lath depending on your untrained ear will leave you with a …

                  How To – Bark Side Up Or Down – Decks Shingles

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                    As often as every deck is built the question arises should you place the bark side up when you install the decking or should you place the board so the bark side is down.? The reason for this is to reduce cupping or warpage of the board. In shingling the same is true there is an inside and outside of many shingles.

                    Here we will take a look at …