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How To – Wind Power Using It At Your Home

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    There has been a lot of talk about how wind power can replace other forms of electricity generation but most of the development is for large scale wind farms. We thought we would take a look at what a home owner can do to harvest their own wind power to reduce their electric bills and help take some of the load away from Nuclear and Coal Electric power …

    Natural Gas As A Gasoline Alternative

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      A number of people have been pushing the idea that Natural Gas CNG fuel can replace our dependence on Oil used for Gasoline but can it really be the answer? Lets take a look at some of the hurdles that need to be overcome and what part natural gas can play as an alternative to Gasoline.

      First we should understand where natural gas comes from and how it is harvested. Natural Gas deposits are often found thousands of feet below the …

      Guide to Compact Fluorescent Lights

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        Compact Fluorescent lights can save you money and allow you to improve your lighting conditions at the same time.

        Each bulb that you replace will save you $5 or more a year on your electric bills and will basically pay for themselves in under a year. They also last much longer then regular lights … up to 10 years in some cases. The rating of $5 per bulb is based on …

        Arkansas – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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          State Eletric Buy Back Info

          Arkansas requires surplus electric to be purchased by the utility and applied to your next months bill.

          Arkansas Energy Office
          One Capitol Mall, Suite 4B/215
          Little Rock, AR 72201
          Phone: (501) 682-2460
          Phone: (800) 275-2672
          Fax: (501) 682-2703
          Web site:


          First Electric Cooperative

          Provides low interest loans for home upgrades including water heaters, generators, doors, windows and other products.

          First Electric Cooperative
          1000 South J.P. Wright Loop Road
          Jacksonville, AR 72076
          Phone: (501) 982-4545
          Phone 2: (800) 489-7405…

          Arizona – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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            Photovoltaic Rebate of up to $75,000 based on output and you must connect to the grid.

            Energy Efficient Air conditioner rebate of up to $400 per unit 5 unit max per house


            428 E. Thunderbird Road #749
            Phoenix, AZ 85022
            Phone: (602) 216-0318
            Web site:


            State Tax incentives

            Whole House Upgrades 5% or $5,000.

            Solar incentives include a 25% tax write off up to $1,000 for home owners.

            Wood Stove  $500 …

            Alaska – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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              Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
              Research Information Center
              POB 101020
              Anchorage, AK 99503
              Phone: (800) 478-4636
              Phone: (907) 330-8164
              Fax: (907) 338-1747
              Web site:


              Golden Valley Electric Association

              Offers rebates for energy saving devices such as car warmers, Lighting and Water Heaters. They also offer rebates for installs of Photovoltaics, Wind, Biomass

              Golden Valley Electric Association
              758 Illinois Street
              PO Box 71249
              Fairbanks, AK 99707-1249
              Phone: (907) 452-1151
              Web site:


               Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

              The Home …

              Alabama – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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                Alabama has some really unique government and utilitie company rebates and incentives to help you transition your home from standard fuel sources to solar, heat pumps, wood burning and other alternatives


                For instance State Tax Law will allow you to take a first year 100% deduction if you turn your homes heating over to wood burning.

                There are other incentives for Solar and for installing Heat Pumps

                Wiregrass Electric Cooperative
                will give you a free energy efficent water heater if you meet their programs …

                How To – Fall Heating System Checkup

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                  Every year in the fall before you need your furnace for heating you should turn it on and make sure it is running in good working order.

                  Performing an early Fall Checkup not only provides you with peace of mind that your heater will work on that first cold night but it will also improve its efficiency saving you money.

                  Depending on your fuel type Gas or Oil you will want …

                  How To – Saving Energy For Apartment Living

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                    Unfortunately living in someone else’s building means most of the big decisions are out of your hands but there are a few things that you can do to save energy and lower your bills. Of course many of the things you can do depend on how your utilities are calculated and if they are part of your base rent. They will also depend on how your heating and cooling needs are delivered.

                    Many apartments have their own water service and water …

                    Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

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                      Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency have expired in congress in the year 2008.

                      This is a very sad situation because at this time it is very important to foster the use of alternative energy.

                      For more information please visit

                      Contact your Congress and Senate Representative and ask them to renew and increase rebates and incentives for alternative fuels, Solar, Wind and other products put in place on our homes and businesses.

                      This Page will be updated when the programs are put …