Green Building

South Carolina Solar Tax Credits

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    An individual or business can take a state income tax credit equal to 25% of the costs of solar equipment per facility which may be used for heating water, space heating, air cooling, or the generation of electricity in or on a facility in South Carolina and owned by the taxpayer.

    The credit also applies to controls, tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, and other equipment used directly and exclusively for the solar energy system. The term ?system? does not include any land …

    How To – Solar Water Heating

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      Energy requirements for Hot water can account for 20% of an average homes fuel use but with Solar Hot Water Heating you can reduce or eliminate that cost from your budget. The average home even in northern areas can expect to reduce their heating costs by 50% or more with average paybacks within 15 years.

      The only downsides of Solar Water Heating is the initial expense. However there are a number …

      Oklahoma Home Builders Association Adopts National Green Standard

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        Oklahoma’s Home Builder Association is committing early to the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Standard which rates Home Builders on an ansi standards.

        “I can say green building is the future, but the proof is ‘what are you doing?'” said David Ritchie, OSHBA. The renovated state headquarters demonstrates that first step.

        The National standard includes evaluation of many portions of the home including the use of recycled products, fluorescent lighting, energy efficiency and indoor environmental standards.

        To download a free …

        Solar Power 2008 Conference San Diego

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          Solar Power 2008 is where solar business takes place!

          If you have a professional interest in solar energy (photovoltaics, concentrating photovoltaics, solar thermal electric or solar hot water), this event has something to offer your business.

          Whether you walk the show floor to our 400+ exhibitors or you attend the 60+ conference sessions to learn about the latest market, policy, finance and technology happenings in the industry, you’ll walk away with invaluable information and relationships.

          Public Night at the Solar Power …

          Coca Cola Shifts Half its Fleet to Hybrid Vehicles

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            Coca Cola is getting the idea. As gas prices approach $4 a gallon Coca Cola has decided to convert its fleet of sales vehicles to Hybrid Electric cars and even some Hybrid Trucks.

            In Atlanta bout 325 of its 800 vehicles used by its sales force and 140 diesel-electric hybrid delivery trucks are on the road already with plans to add 225 more by years end. In Charlotte they have 400 more vehicles about half of its sales force. 

            Coke estimates the …

            National Green Building Conference – May 11-13th, 2008

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              The National Green Building Conference is the only national conference targeted to green building for the mainstream residential building industry. Network with designers and suppliers, attend exceptional education sessions and develop the skills you need for profitable green building.  

              Who Should Attend:


              Registration Deadlines:

              Active Solar Heating

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                Active Solar depends on movement from a collector to the area that the heat will be used. Sometimes the heat is used for water heating and other times it is used for space heating.

                There are two basic types of active heat collection: Air and Liquid.

                Hot water heating is a good example of an Active Liquid Heating System.

                A collector is placed on the roof of the building and a insulated hot water storage tank …

                California – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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                  Alameda Power & Telecom

                  AP&T has a number of different programs

                  $50 rebate on Refrigerators
                  Electric Bill discounts if you buy an electric car
                  Solar rebates based on the size of your system
                  80% rebate of the cost for Weatherization of your home

                  Alameda Power & Telecom
                  Solar Electric Rebate Program
                  P.O. Box H
                  Alameda, CA 94501
                  Phone: (510) 814-6403
                  Web site:


                  Anaheim Public Utilities

                  Wide Variety of Appliance Rebates

                  They also offer loans for home upgrades

                  Anaheim Public Utilities
                  1440 S. State College Blvd.
                  Suite 2F
                  Anaheim, CA 92806
                  Phone: …

                  Types of Insulation for Residential Construction

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                    There are a variety of insulation types that can be used around your home and selecting the right one for the job you are working on can be a little confusing.

                    For most jobs you will probably want to stick with fiberglass insulation. Whether in batt form or loose fill it gives a decent R-Value per square inch and with proper precautions working with it can be quick, easy and clean.

                    This does not mean that fiberglass should be the only choice …

                    Insulation Guides for Energy Savings

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                      Your homes insulation works both in the winter and the summer so the amount and type of insulation that you have will make a huge impact on the livability of your home year round. Unfortunately once a home is built it can be difficult to add insulation to the walls but because heat rises and the sun impacts your homes roof increasing attic heat in the summer a large benefit can be seen by increasing the amount of insulation in your attic.

                      Attic insulation can …