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How To – Finding Energy Star Rebate Programs

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    The Federal Government works with product manufacturers and distributors to provide discounts on products used in our businesses and homes that reduce energy consumption.

    Often the rebate information is listed on the product in the store when you purchase it but more often then not rebates never make it to the consumer.

    You also have situations where a retailer might push a non-rebate product over a rebated product because they make more on …

    How To – Bamboo Flooring A Green Alternative

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      Bamboo flooring has made its way into design centers and is quickly being seen as a lower cost and green alternative to traditional hardwood floors.

      Because bamboo grows very quickly smaller amounts of land can be used to harvest larger amounts of material. Bamboo can grow to harvest size in just 5 years while traditional hardwoods like Oak might take 50 to 100 years or more.

      There are a variety of treatments including carbonizing and  staining …

      Obama Proposes Carbon Taxes But Still No Alternative Energy Plan

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        With almost a Trillion dollars set to be spent in the past 30 days in an interesting conversation with the Prime Minister of Canada before news reporters President Obama proposed that Carbon Taxes be applied to the American Energy Industry but offered no new funding of Alternative Energy.

        The Stimulus plan which was just passed has been said by President Obama to only offer a doubling of alternative energy investments over the previous Bush administration which raised funding to 700 Million …

        Alternative Energy Power Station Opens In Antarctica

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          The first Alternative Energy Power Station opened this week at Princess Elisabeth station in East Antarctica proving the point that you don’t need to be in the desert to generate power from Solar or on a Scottish Coast to capture wind power.

          “If we can build such a station in Antarctica we can do that elsewhere in our society. We have the capacity, the technology, the knowledge to change our world,” Alain Hubert, the …

          How To – Corn and Pellet Stoves

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            Wood Burning for Heating is the Number One Alternative Energy Resource in the USA. It far outweighs any other fuel source with over 60% of the market. Solar, wind, geothermal are all less then 5% of the alternative energy market so when you look at fireplaces and wood burning you should remember they are green resources of renewable energy.

            Today you can still purchase wood burning stoves that look …

            Absorptive Chillers Cooling Without Electric

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              The absorptive chiller processing has been used for many years but will it become the solution for cooling in the future?

              Every Summer we hear brownout or black out warnings from our power companies durring peak energy usage but can some simple technology with little or no moving parts reduce our dependency on large amounts of electricity to cool our homes, businesses and schools?

              Proving the point for over 15 …

              I Want To Install Solar But Where Do I Start?

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                It depends where you live if you live in the southwest then you have a great chance that between government and electric company rebates you can do it totally free

                You should install a system that is Certified so it can be hooked to the electric grid this means buying the right parts, saving reciepts and having it inspected. It may also mean you pay someone to install it …

                How To – Indoor And Outdoor Electrical Timers

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                  There are a variety of reasons to use electrical timers around your home. Many timers are very easy to use and can control indoor appliances such as lighting or a water heater to save money. Outside you can use timers to control your sprinklers and other devices for convenience.

                  Indoor timers come in two basic types they are either hard wired to your homes electrical wires for use on larger items like a water heater …

                  How To – Save Money By Reducing Hot Water Use

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                    Saving money is a priority for everyone but when it comes to long showers or nice hot baths people sometimes have a hard time giving up comforts that ease the pains of long work days.

                    There is nothing wrong with relaxing after a hard day with a warm shower but reducing stress can also be found by lowering your water and heating bills. If just one of your faucets …

                    GM To Finally Introduce High Mileage Cars But Tax Payers Foot The Bill

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                      General Motors is touting its decision to finally introduce High Mileage vehicles MAYBE in the year 2010 or within 10 years but to do so they are asking for 70 Billion dollars to be given to their company and the other final 2 American Car manufacturers. Considering Chrysler really is a GM Label the fact is that there are only 2 car makers in the USA and for over 30 years they have been saying that they are just about …