How To – Water Heater Timers Can Reduce Electric Costs 15%

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    Lets face it everything costs more then it did a few years ago and electric bills are just another monthly cost that will never go away (unless you go solar).  So, reducing consumption is your best bet and wasted use is something you never want happening in your home.

    Although water heaters are highly insulated and you can improve its efficiency with the use of Heat Traps and external insulation blankets your heater is running …

    How To – Heat Pump Water Heaters are they a good choice for your home?

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      A new type of heat pump water heater is now on the market based on standard heat pump technology it could provide up to 50 to 70% better efficiency then a standard electric water heater.

      The design is pretty simple to understand it basically works the opposite way that your refrigerator does.

      If you have ever had to pull your refrigerator away from the wall you saw that there are large cooling tubes on the back …

      How To – Testing to determine if you need a Low Flow Shower Head

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        Saving money is one of the most important things in your home and the amount of water you use for baths and showers may be putting a dent in your pocket.

        If you are moving into a new home or apartment your bathroom probably came with one of the least expensive fixtures available just to provide a working shower. Although this is sufficient to get the job done it may mean that you are not …

        How To – Installing Water Heater Heat Traps to Save Money

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          Heating water in your home is a year round necessity but most people don’t realize that like a leaky door or window jam loses you heat the pipes connected to your water heater can be sucking money out of your pocket.

          Anytime there is a heated and unheated substance whether it be air, liquid or a solid next to each other the heat will transfer to the cold item. In our attics and walls we …

          How To – Why is my Dishwasher making my Dishes and Glasses Cloudy?

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            Cloudy glassware and dull dishes has been a problem forever but no matter how hard you scrub you always seem to be polishing your glasses before you place them out on your table.

            There are a few factors that can ruin a load of dishes but honestly it shouldn’t be that difficult to get good results.

            Proper temperatures and racking of your items should be followed to allow quick draining and full cleaning.

            Soaps that are specifically …

            How To – Quick Guide Can Pet and Human Hair Clog your Septic System?

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              Many people that buy homes that have septic systems have never been taught about the problems that can arise from disposing improper materials though their waste water system.

              This is unfortunate and can lead to early servicing or replacement but more often then not the home owner never knew that what they were doing is wrong.

              The first thing you should do when you purchase a home that is on a septic system if you have …

              How To – Dealing with a Burst Plumbing Pipe Emergency

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                Burst pipes can happen at anytime of the year but more often then not they happen in the winter if your pipes are in an unheated or uninsulated area of your home.

                In this howto we will cover what you should do in such an emergency and then how you can make a quick repair if possible.

                The most important thing to remember is to keep your cool. If you start freaking out when a pipe …

                How To – Preventing Sewer Clogging Problems Knowing What Not To Dispose

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                  Prevention of problems is always less costly then maintenance or repairs. Often the difference in how you do things to reduce problems is pretty apparent but sometimes we don’t take care and over time the stuff you flush or put down your sink will result in hours or days without use of your plumbing system not to mention the mess in fixing it yourself or the cost in having someone else do it for …

                  How To – Cleaning A Main Waste Plumbing Line

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                    In your home there are a variety of different sized waste lines which get larger the closer to the exit point of your home. The waste traps under your sink are two inch lines and fixtures like your toilet and bath tub are between two and three inches in diameter but your main waste lines are four to six inches in diameter and are large enough to carry water out of your home from …

                    How To – Basement Sinks

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                      Many people have a need for a sink or toilet below ground in their basement. If you are lucky your waste water pipe will be in your slab or low enough that you can simply install a sink with a check valve and get to washing. If not you will need to install a brown water pump.

                      Brown water pumps are able to pump dirty water up from your basement into your waste water line. …