How To Repair A Bathtub With Pealing Paint

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    This happens to most people eventually. Their Bathtub starts looking bad because the paint is pealing or chipping or maybe there is even some rust starting to form. Eventually all metal products will rust and the paint will fail if you put it in use. Bathtubs don’t see a lot of use continually but over the years with the moisture and cracking of paint the tub will need fixing.

    Now the person asking for help …

    How To Replace a Delta Faucet Valve

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      This is a pretty easy how to. A friend contacted me about a problem with his faucet leaking from both valves. The problem isn’t too bad at this point but it’s something that needs to be taken care of.

      After removing the handles to the faucet he was able to see the valve but wasn’t sure how to remove it. If this is the first valve you have removed it may look a little more …

      How To Fix pluming leaks in an emergency situation

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        Well it’s a holiday time again and when things go wrong they normally happen on a holiday weekend. Knowing what to do in these situations is a really important part of being a homeowner.

        I’ve been contacted by a few friends this holiday season who had problems with their water heaters this is a pretty strange situation however neither of the problems we’re so bad that they needed to call a plumber. Calling a plumber or handyman on a weekend or …

        How To Troubleshoot Low Hot Water Pressure

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          In this How To we will look at some of the ways to track down low pressure on the hot water side of your supply lines.

          A Writer Asks:

          I have a problem getting hot water from my shower. Cold water tap works all the time, hot water tap works but the pressure is very bad. Bathroom and kitchen sinks have no trouble getting hot water. Thanks for any help on this.
          Whats the Answer?
          The first …

          How To Reduce your Electric Bill with a Water Heater Timer

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            While everyone is promoting the use of Compact Florescent and LED Light Bulbs to save money the reality is heating and cooling are the most expensive portions of our electric use.

            To reduce the cost of Electric used for heating our homes most new homes will come with a programmable thermostat allowing the owner to set on and off times throughout the day and reduce heat and air conditioning use while no one is …

            How To Prepare for the 5 Biggest Problems Facing a Home Owner

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              Whether you are a first time home owner or have lived in one for a long time there are a few things that can go wrong around your house that you need to prepare for before they go wrong. In some cases you will be able to decide whether you want to do the work yourself or hire it out to a contractor but sometimes there just isn’t a choice and you are stuck calling …

              How To – Using a Swimming Pool Cooler for Hot Summer Days

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       most people in Northern States have heard of Pool Heaters that allow you to use your pool early in the spring and later into the fall months there is an opposite problem for people that live in warmer climates and thats hot pool water.

                Water will naturally hold heat and it is often used in home heating systems to store hot water from solar panels to warm homes.. This is a big problem …

                How To – Replacing a Corroded Bathtub Drain and Popup the Easy Way

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         every bathtub is going to need some repairs and for some reason replacing the drain and popup seems to be one of the hardest jobs for people to accomplish.

                  The problem many people have is when the drain gets corroded and they can’t get it unscrewed but I have seen some youtube videos of people going crazy on these things only to end up calling in a plumber. One guy actually moved away .. well …

                  How To – Choosing and Installing a Garbage Disposal

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           this HowTo we will remove an old frozen Badger Garbage disposal and replace it with a new 1/2 horsepower stainless steel garbage disposal.

                    When choosing a garbage disposal there are a few considerations that you must follow for good operation.

                    The Physical size of the garbage disposal is important because some homes and apartments do not have room for larger models that may have extra features. Always take measurements of height and width of the grinder …

                    How To – Transitioning Metal or PVC to Cast Iron Waste Pipe

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                      There are times when you are fixing or upgrading pipe in your home for a new kitchen or bathroom and you will need to install new PVC waste line then attach it to your existing Cast Iron waste stack or waste line.

                      Unfortunately this is not an easy job because cast iron is a relatively difficult pipe to work with. Cutting cast iron pipe usually means using a reciprocating saw or a special tool and …