How To – Cleaning Clogged Drains And Pipes

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    Tools & Hardware : Drain Sweep Drain SnakeEvery home will eventually have a clogged drain there is really not much you can do to prevent it so it is important that you prepare for the situation, not panic when it happens and have the tools you need to get things working again.

    Although in some cases you may need to call in a professional if a pipe needs to be replaced or a line needs to …

    How To – Replacing Plumbing Vent Pipe Roof Flashing

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      Every sink or appliance in your home that exits water into your sewer system needs to have a vent pipe that extends up through the roof of your home. The reason vents are required is to allow fresh air into the waste line behind the water when you flush a toilet or drain a sink and to allow sewer gasses to escape outside the home.

      The vent works like a game you may have played …

      How To – Sharkbite Fittings for Solderless Plumbing Connections

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        These new fittings have to be the biggest innovation in plumbing since PVC.

        The best thing about using Sharkbite Fittings is that one fitting can accept three different types of pipe. No more need for transitions or mixing and matching  fitting at a connection location.

        One Sharkbite Fitting can accept and mix and match

        Sizes range from 1 inch down to a half an inch and there are T fittings and couplers that will accept different sizes.

        Now you can have …

        How To – Repairing Water Heater Leaks

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          Even well performing water heaters can have leaks this is one reason that you should perform inspections of your water heater at minimum every six months.

          A leaking water heater can be very unsettling because the first thing that enters your mind is the expense to replace the tank.

          Not only that but because the weight of even an empty tank means its a two person job along with the cost to have your trash man …

          How To – Choosing A Kitchen Water Filter

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            Water filters have made their way into many homes today. Many of us have grown accustomed to bottled water for drinking while out of home and want that same fresh flavor for drinking and also for cooking.

            So what are some of the features that you should look for when purchasing a cost effective water filtration system for your home?

            The most important thing you need to look at is quality vs price. In this HowTo …

            How To – Checking And Replacing Your Water Heater Thermocouple

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              Your water heater’s Thermocouple is used as a safety device to shut off your gas flow if your pilot light is not working.

              The Thermocouple looks like a probe  and because of its design there are no repairable parts.

              When the end of the thermocouple is heated to a certain temperature the metal switch inside will allow voltage to flow back to your gas valve.  If no heat is present then it will restrict electricity from reaching the gas valve and shut down gas supply to your heater.

              If the device is installed correctly and has good connections then it should either work or not work.

              How To – Plumbing Tools and Repairing Common Clogs

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                Curing a Bathroom or Kitchen clog is one of the messy jobs that you will eventually have to do. Even if you would normally call a plumber or your Apartment Super there are times that fixing things yourself is just easier.

                There are a few similarities of all clogs.

                The first has to do with the type of pipe or fixture that is clogged.

                Every plumbing appliance (Sink, Toilet, Bathtub) that is hooked to a Waste Line has a Trap of some type to restrict …

                HowTo – Closing And Maintaining Your Swimming Pool For Winter

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                  Whether you have a permanent in ground or above ground swimming pool there are steps you need to take to preserve it over winter.

                  The best time to perform this maintenance is early Fall before the leaves begin to fill your pool. This will reduce the amount of cleaning you need to perform but it will also reduce the amount of mold that will transfer into your pool from wilting leaves.

                  How To – Bathroom Sink Clog – P-trap and Pop-up

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                    Bathroom sinks are notorious for getting clogged. In some instances it is almost a on going problem but curing the clog yourself is not always that difficult.

                    For the most part I never suggest a chemical cleaner and the reason for this is often the clog is in an area where the chemical won’t come in extended contact with the material. Another good reason is if the Chemical does not work you will have caustic chemicals within pipes …

                    Waste Lines

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                      Unlike your feed lines your waste lines are not under pressure.

                      This means that you must always maintain a downward slope when installing waste lines. Never run a waste pipe within a floor or wall at the horizontal this will be asking for future trouble.

                      When you install Waste lines in your house you can use PVC or Cast Iron pipe. Today most builders prefer PVC because it is light easy to handle and goes in quick. Cast Iron is still used …