How To – Bathroom Sink Clog – P-trap and Pop-up

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    Bathroom sinks are notorious for getting clogged. In some instances it is almost a on going problem but curing the clog yourself is not always that difficult.

    For the most part I never suggest a chemical cleaner and the reason for this is often the clog is in an area where the chemical won’t come in extended contact with the material. Another good reason is if the Chemical does not work you will have caustic chemicals within pipes …

    Waste Lines

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      Unlike your feed lines your waste lines are not under pressure.

      This means that you must always maintain a downward slope when installing waste lines. Never run a waste pipe within a floor or wall at the horizontal this will be asking for future trouble.

      When you install Waste lines in your house you can use PVC or Cast Iron pipe. Today most builders prefer PVC because it is light easy to handle and goes in quick. Cast Iron is still used …

      How To – Building A Basement Bathroom On A Budget

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        In this howto we will examine some of the options you have when building a basement bathroom and how you can save money by doing most of the work yourself.

        If you have some basic carpentry and plumbing skills building a basement bathroom doesn’t need to cost you ten thousand dollars or more. The important thing is understanding what your requirements are for meeting code and what specialty items are available to get your job …

        Water – Saving Money at the Faucet

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          water faucet saving moneyHow would you like to save 50% or more of the water you send down your drain? Everyone would but when it comes to saving water, electric or fuel it seems there is always someone telling you that you need to spend money to save.  They say buy this thing for $50 and it will save you $100 over the next 30 years. …

          How To – Understanding Drinking Water Contaminants

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   water you drink every day could be contaminated with unhealthy chemicals, minerals, bacteria and other contaminants but how do these pollutants enter the drinking water and what can you do to identify them.

            The water we drink comes from rainfall this is true if it originates from snow on mountains filling  streams that turn into rivers filling lakes and underground aquifers or if you collect it directly from your roof in a cistern system.

            The path from …

            How To – Cleaning Your Washing Machine To Remove Odors

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              There are a number of times that you will need to clean your washing machine to keep it in top working order but most often it will be when you have a musty mold smell.

              When mold starts to grow inside your washing machine tub and in your waste lines you can end up with clothes that smell bad and may be unhealthy to wear.

              Mold only requires water to begin growing and will grow quickly …

              How To – Removing An Old Tub During A Bathroom Remodel

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                Sometimes home projects can be difficult for the single person but there are tricks of the trade to get your work done fast and easy.

                When you are remodeling your bathroom you will find that dealing with your current fixtures can be somewhat difficult. The important thing to remember is if it fit into your house you can definitely get it out.

                Bathtubs are one of the largest built in items you will need to deal …

                How To – Cleaning Your Sink Faucet Aerator

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                  Sink faucet aerators will from time to time need cleaning due to buildup of debris and mineral deposits.

                  The lucky thing is they are easy to remove and if for some reason you can’t restore your water flow to original condition then they are relatively cheap to replace.

                  Aerators come in a common design whether you have a fancy kitchen sink aerator

                  How To – Fixing A Leaking Bathtub Or Shower Faucet

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                    Repairing leaky faucets can be done by a home owner with only a few simple tools and some replacement parts.  The parts you need will depend on the type of faucet you have and which part of your valve assembly is giving you a problem.

                    First you should check where the leak is coming from.

                    Is the water passing through the faucet or is it leaking from the handle.

                    If the water is flowing through the spout …

                    Buying Guide – Sink Addons – Purchasing Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

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                      There are a number of products that you can add to your sink-top to provide better livability.

                      Here we will examine the different types of hot and cold water dispensers that can make your life easier.

                      Lets look at some of the features you should look for when making your purchase.
                      Hot Water Dispensers
                      The most common addon for your sink is a hot water dispenser.

                      Mounted alongside your sink they can …