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How To – Tips For Returning Home After A Flood

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    Unfortunately a lot of people are being effected by floods caused by the Mississippi and other rivers. Many of these floods start at the time winter snow begins to melt and continue as the spring rains come.

    Whether you are in one of the current effected areas or know someone that is there are many things that you must do to protect yourself once the local authorities say it is generally safe to return to …

    How To – Getting Rid Of Bad Smells In Your Kitchen Sink

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      There are a few different reasons that your kitchen sink could be giving off a bad smell but lucky for us it is a pretty easy thing to cure.

      The first thing you have to determine is where the smell is coming from. Is it actually coming from the drain in your sink or is it coming from under the sink. Place a stopper in the sink and fill it with a few inches of …

      How To – Removing Age Stains And Odors From Old Clothing

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        Vintage apparel will always have its place and even relatively new clothes that are stored for a few seasons can get a musty smell and sometimes a brownish aging stain.

        Staining on stored clothes is normally due to salts in sweat or soaps that continue reacting with the fabric over time.  Smells can be due to mold and bacteria buildup and if you remove the mold then the odor will go away.

        Before you can wear …

        How To – How Often Should You Clean Your Fireplace

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          Cleaning your fireplace is not the funnest job around your home but it is something that you need to do once a year or even more often if you rely on your fireplace as your main source of heat.

          There are three places that you need to watch for ash and creosote buildup. Your fireplace box will be the primary place that ash will buildup and you should make sure that you clean the box …

          How To – Can I Clean My Drain With Baking Soda And Vinegar?

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            If you ask half a dozen people how to clean out a clogged or smelly drain more then half seem to come up with the idea that baking soda and vinegar is the best way to get it clean. So what is the truth about this old wives tale will this solution clean your drain or are you just dumping money down the drain and hoping it will help..

            The first thing to look at …

            How To – Removing Heavy Wax Or Grease Buildup On Cabinets

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              Recently a new home owner presented this problem the kitchen cabinets in their house were covered in a pink waxy buildup which we then discovered was silver polish used on wood cabinets.  The idea behind this was not apparent but we came to the conclusion that the previous owner probably didn’t have the right type of cleaner so they used what they had on hand.

              Now this is probably not going to be the case …

              How To – Curing Musty Or Moldy Smells In HVAC Heating Systems

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                If you have a musty or moldy smell coming from your home’s forced hot air system that doesn’t seem to go away it is important that you take the time to inspect your heating system and cure the problem.

                Mold that builds up in your heating system is due to dampness. All of the surfaces in your home and outside your home are covered with small amounts of bacteria. Normally this bacteria is not a …

                HowTo Making Bathtub Cleaning A Little Easier

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                  Whether you like it or not eventually you are going to have to clean your bathroom.

                  Because bathtubs are the largest items they often go unmanaged for a couple weeks and during that time soap scum and mold can buildup. To reduce the hassles here are a few tips to making the chore a little easier.

                  Probably the worst culprit in your bathroom is the non slip bath mat. Flexible made of a porous rubberized plastic …

                  How To – Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Wood Fence

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                    Either you purchased your home with one or decided that Wood was a better option then Vinyl for your fence but now after a few years its time to take a weekend and make everything look like new again.

                    There are two basic types of wood fences, you have the natural look split rail which comes in three or four rails set between posts and then you have barricade fencing or privacy fencing that can …

                    Removing Stains from Stone Countertops

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                      There are a variety of different methods used to clean and restore marble surfaces. Because Marble and other stone materials can react differently to acids, bleaches and other chemicals it is important that any restoration process that you attempt be tested on a small spot before you apply it to large areas.

                      You should always try the least aggressive methods first to reduce the chance of permanent damage.

                      For general cleaning you should use a mild soap detergent and a soft sponge or …