Cleaning & Restoration

Disinfecting Refrigerators and Countertops

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    Regular cleaning of your counter tops, cutting boards and refrigerator is necessary to reduce dangerous bacteria buildup in your kitchen. Bacteria can often be unseen and odorless so just because the surface looks visibly clean of dirt does not mean it is safe.

    To disinfect kitchen surfaces we need to use a bleach solution.

    Prepare the solution by adding 1 cup of household bleach to a gallon of water and then …

    Cleaning and Polishing Aluminum

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      Aluminum is one of the most common metals found in our homes. It is in our kitchen pots and pans it is also used in our cars for wheels and window frames and door jams. Other uses of aluminum include paint pigments, electrical wires and components, castings for camera bodies, siding for home exteriors, car engines, and any place where light and durable metal parts are needed.

      Aluminum does not rust like Iron or Steel but it does oxidize and discolor.

      It can …

      Removing Stains from Carpet or Furniture

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        It dosen’t matter how careful everyone tries to be… the fact is there will always be accidents but a few simple tricks should let you keep your sanity.

        The most important thing is catching the stain as soon as you can.

        1) Blot the area with a dry towel as soon as you can to remove the largest volume of the spill. 

        2) Once you have removed as much of the wine or other liquid …