How To – Home & Business Security Camera Systems

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    There are a number of reasons to install a home security camera system and probably the biggest reason is to actually catch whoever is causing you problems.

    While standard security systems are important they will only deter and report problems. Many will call you, the police or fire department as necessary but what if you want to see what is happening live or have it recorded for later.

    Actually theft is not the only reason to …

    How To – Picking And Installing A Home Beer Dispenser

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      If you like to drink a lot then maybe you shouldn’t be reading this … heh …

      Beer dispensers are the primary way to get beverages into customers hands at restaurants and bars but what if you like to entertain at home?

      By installing your own Keg of beer in a custom refrigerator dispenser you will always have beer on tap and you should save a lot of money.

      Picking the right Unit…

      Buying Guide – Universal Remotes Basic And Advanced

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        Universal Remotes were first put into production to allow for the replacement of a Remote Control for your Single Home Television or Other Media Device.  Their setup was relatively easy and required that you press a setup and enter the code for your manufacturer and model to program the remote to control your device.

        Since that time many homes have added devices such as Cable an Dish TV boxes,  DVD and Video Tape Players, DVRs …

        How To – Room Soundproofing

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          Room soundproofing is one of the most important aspects of livability in today’s homes.

          The need for soundproofing is not only found in populated city centers and homes that are built near high traffic locations but can be required for suburban settings in developments where you may have loud neighbors or even for that mom and dad of teenagers that need their sleep for the next day in work.

          Soundproofing should not really be confused with …

          How To – Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

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            Once a year or more depending on the dust that builds up in your kitchen you should clean the evaporator coils on your refrigerator.

            Evaporator coils are part of your cooling system. When your refrigerator freon compressor squeezes the coolant to send it into your refrigerator compartment for cooling the coils let off the heat.

            The more dust that builds up on the coils the harder it is for your refrigerator to work.

            The job is relatively easy to do an only takes a few minutes to perform.

            Buying Guide – VOIP Internet Based Phone Services Are They A Good Deal?

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              Everyone wants to save money on their utility bills and VOIP internet based phone services have exclaimed best service at the lowest cost but what are you really getting and how much are you really paying.

              Voice Over Internet Protocol services have been around for about 10 years now. Some services provide computer to computer connections only while others allow you to connect from your network connection to a land line or cell phone at …

              How To – NAS Network Attached Storage For Backups

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                With so much data on our computers today we need a way to backup without dealing with dozens of dvd disks.

                Some people may use a USB or Sata External drive to save a about a TB of data and this is good if you need quick access to this information or need to unplug it and take it with you.

                A Network Accessible Storage device is a full computer or specialized networked device that can …

                Buying Guide – Picking The Best Water Heater For Your Home

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                  In this Buying Guide we will try to cover many of the different options to make your decision an easy one.

                  There are many different types, sizes and fuel sources that you can use for your homes water heating needs. The decisions you make on which type of heater is right for you will be based on Cost, Ease of install and long term benefits.

                  Since most people will be replacing and not installing a new …

                  How To – Diagnosing Clothes Dryer Problems

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                    Even with all of the complex looking digital controls on flashy new models Clothes Dryers are rather basic appliances. This is a good thing because diagnosing problems before you have a service contractor take a look can save you a lot of money.

                    Even better if you are willing to take the time to order some parts yourself most problems can be fixed with a few basic tools.

                    Basic Parts Of Your Dryer
                    All dryers no …

                    Buying Guide – Choosing The Perfect Cooktop

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                      There are many options when picking the right cooktop for your home.

                      You will need to decide on which fuel source you want to use or what limits you have based on your home’s services.

                      You will also need to take initial cost vs ease of use and maintenance into account. If you are someone that does not cook a lot then you want to make sure making some stirfry doesn’t leave you with 2 hours …