How To – Wireless Internet Routers

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    Wired or Wireless, that is a question for many homes as we go from dialup modems and a single shared computer to everyone having their own computer and wanting to do their own thing online.

    Today the best wireless routers are multi-band gigabit routers and they can provide great connectivity for local networking and internet access.

    With duel Band or Multi Band technology you can assign traffic to different computers or …

    How To – Making Cable Tv Cables

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      Whether you are wiring your whole home or just making a custom cable that runs from your wall outlet to your television the steps and tools you need are the same.

      In this HowTo you will learn how to strip cable ends and use crimp connectors.

      Tools you will need
      RG-6 Crimping tool
      Utility knife or stripping tool
      Wire Cutters
      RG-6 Crimp Connectors

      See the bottom of the HowTo for Tool Links

      First …

      Understanding Extended Service Plans

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        Most Manufacturers will offer some type of standard Warranty for their products. This may be a 1 year parts and labor coverage or a lifetime limited service plan. The difference depends on the product and the manufacturer.

        Understanding the coverage that you have and any additional plans offered by your contractor or retailer is important when you purchase any item.

        First is unconditional returns – Most large retailers will offer a 30- 60 or even a 90 day unconditional return policy. This means …

        Sears Agrees to Refit all Ranges with Anti-Tip Bracket

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          In a class action lawsuit Sears one of America’s Largest retailers and on of the largest installers of home appliances has agreed to retrofit or install Anti-Tip brackets on their free standing ranges.

          The device is a small bracket that attaches to the floor under your range. When the Range is pushed back towards the wall the back foot of the range enters into the clip and secures it.

          This is a very simple install but …

          Range Hoods – Selection and Cleaning

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            There are three basic types of range hoods available for residential kitchens. Each type has its own advantages and features but whatever model you pick there are three main reasons you should get one.

            The first is Fire Protection- A range hood made out of stainless steel or enameled steel will act as a buffer in case of grease or other fires on your stove. Since most cabinets are made out of …

            Gas and Electric Cooktops – Selection and Care

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              Your Stove is one of the most important parts of your kitchen and it should get proper care to last a long time.

              There are three different types of stove tops that we will cover.

              Electric with exposed elements
              Gas with exposed elements
              and Electric with Glass Surface

              Each type has its own specific features and different methods of maintenance.

              Electric Stoves with …

              Air Cleaners and Purifiers Home and Personal

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                There are a variety of air cleaning systems that can help you make the air you breath cleaner and healthier.  When used in conjunction with green home building methods humidifiers, dehumidifiers and heating and cooling systems you can dramatically improve your living area and your health.

                So, lets take a look at some of the appliances and products you can use to clean your air.

                If your home has a forced …

                Buying Guide – Dehumidifiers Selection and Operation

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                  There are many reasons that you may need to use a home Dehumidifier including both comfort and to reduce the growth of mold. In this HowTo we will cover some of the features that can help you make your purchase decision and cover some of the operation and maintenance considerations.

                  How Does a Dehumidifier work?

                  Dehumidifiers work on the principle of condensation of air moisture on cold surfaces. Everyone has taken …