Buying Guide – Choosing The Perfect Cooktop

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    There are many options when picking the right cooktop for your home.

    You will need to decide on which fuel source you want to use or what limits you have based on your home’s services.

    You will also need to take initial cost vs ease of use and maintenance into account. If you are someone that does not cook a lot then you want to make sure making some stirfry doesn’t leave you with 2 hours …

    Buying Guide – Air Purifiers Options And Types

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      In this Guide we will look at how different models of Air Purifiers work and what you should  look for when making your purchase.

      Before you invest in an expensive Air Purification system whether it is a whole home or single room device it should be noted that when possible the most effective way of getting clean air into your living space is by opening a window or by use of an air exchanger on …

      Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

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         : Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

        The Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player is a great device that allows you to play contents from your computer on your television.
        The product is basically an interface for your media.

        It does not contain storage but has 2 USB ports that can connect to an external hard drive, USB Stick drive or any device like a card reader that can connect through USB.
        [adrotate …

        Micro Sized Personal Mini Fridges For Your Desk Or TV Chair

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          We have been seeing a number of these micro sized mini fridges that hold a few drinks and snacks so you don’t have to run to the kitchen for breaks.

          Now everyone has probably seen a small dorm type fridge they even put them in some hotel rooms but these smaller fridges are really only big enough to hold a six pack or a sandwich.

          Whats good about them is they can be used during the …

          How To – Installing Your New Refrigerator

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            The easiest way to install a refrigerator is to have the company that delivers it do it for free.

            Honestly this is a service that comes with most new refrigerators and you shouldn’t overlook it especially if they are willing to do it for free however often they will charge you labor for a job anyone can do in just a few minutes.

            There are only a few things that you need to do once you …

            How To – Understanding Extended Product Warranties – Are They Worth Buying?

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              It seems whatever you buy at the store there is always a sales person trying to sell you an extended warranty so how do you know if paying that extra money is worth the paper they will hand you?

              First you should understand your basic consumer rights. In most areas and even if you purchase your products online you will have the right to return a product if it is not working within a set …

              How To – Surge Protectors For Home Electronics

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                Home Electronics  cost a lot and it is important to protect your investments with proper care and planning. The fact is most homes will have a number of power surges throughout the day due to switching of internal equipment used by the electric company to feed power to our communities. And most of the time they go unnoticed but if you have a UPS device plugged in you are likely to hear it trip …

                How To – Knowing When Your Appliance Or Electronics Are Not Worth Fixing

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                  The average home is likely to have at least a few thousand dollars worth of electronics equipment. Everything from cameras, phones, computers, TVs and all the little gadgets that make life fun and easier.

                  So how do you decide whether something is worth fixing or if you would be better off throwing it away and getting a new one?

                  The decision is not always that difficult but more often then not it can be emotional. The …

                  How To – Finding Energy Star Rebate Programs

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                    The Federal Government works with product manufacturers and distributors to provide discounts on products used in our businesses and homes that reduce energy consumption.

                    Often the rebate information is listed on the product in the store when you purchase it but more often then not rebates never make it to the consumer.

                    You also have situations where a retailer might push a non-rebate product over a rebated product because they make more on …

                    How To – Review Self Cleaning Ovens

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                      The most important aspect of any kitchen tool is it’s ability to let us get our work done faster.

                      If you are making a salad for yourself then chopping everything up and using a hand grater for your carrots is a lot faster then pulling out the food processor and cleaning it afterwards. On the other hand if you are feeding a family of 6 a food processor may …