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Home Buyers Backing Out Of Contracts Homes Not Matching Appraisal Values

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    Everyone knows that sales of new and current homes have hit an all time low and even though this is true some people still need to purchase homes today.

    This is what you would call a buyers market but in fact buyers are unable to complete deals due to homes they contracted for losing value before closing. This happens when a prior contract for a new home is delayed significantly but it is occurring …

    How To – Getting Rid Of Pet Urine Odors

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      One of the worst things you can deal with is pet odors and stains.

      How often have you woke up to that unpleasant chore of cleaning up after your pet and still for some reason we keep on letting them stay in our homes… heh

      Its a problem that all pet owners have to deal with urine odors.

      Pet handlers will tell you that your animals urinate in your home for three reasons: They can’t get out …

      How To – Selecting The Right Moving Company

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        Moving can be great or it can be traumatic and one of the hardest things to forget about changing homes is dealing with a bad moving company.

        So, how do you select a company that will not only transport your stuff but get them there on time and in their original condition.

        This is a difficult task but by doing a little research and planning ahead if you can most of your problems can disappear. Planing …

        Buying Guide – Air Purifiers Options And Types

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          In this Guide we will look at how different models of Air Purifiers work and what you should  look for when making your purchase.

          Before you invest in an expensive Air Purification system whether it is a whole home or single room device it should be noted that when possible the most effective way of getting clean air into your living space is by opening a window or by use of an air exchanger on …

          How To – Foreclosed Home Auctions A Good Deal Or Not?

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            If you are looking to buy a home and have cash for a down payment then checking out a foreclosure auction is definitely worth your time.

            How do these Auctions work?

            Rules for Auctions are different based on your state and the entity that you are buying from.

            Most Tax Sales will be held by the city or county sheriff and could be on the site of the home or at your court house.

            Sales by the Federal …

            How To – 3 Season Vacation House Upgrade Considerations

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              Recently we had a conversation with a new home owner that purchased a 1950’s built Victorian styled three season vacation home in upstate New York who wanted to convert it for use as their primary residence.  They were wondering how they could improve the home to make it livable year round.

              The home is located near a lake with electric, well water and phone service but with no access to natural gas. The structure of …

              How To – Steps To Hiring A Contractor

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                Every project is different and the skills that a contractor needs to complete yours will vary. Unfortunately there is no perfect way to pick the right contractor especially when you haven’t worked with them before but lets go over a few tips that may help you reduce your headaches.

                The first thing you need to realize is that nothing is ever perfect and every job will have its mistakes. This also means that every contractor will have a bad day or project …

                Construction Loans – Understanding Pulls

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                  Although building your own home or tackling a large remodeling project can be difficult the more you understand about the process and the better you plan ahead will give you that margin to deal with the unknowns.

                  You can think of it like planning a trip. You know where you are going to go and you know basically how much it will cost. You do some research on the …

                  Justifying Remodeling Projects With Resale In Mind

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                    As homes are harder to sell and the cost of remodeling has increased the value of your next project needs to be weighed against the money you can expect to gain at time of resale. Even if you will be holding on to your home for 5 years or more calculating which project is an investment and which is a creature comfort that you should pass on is …

                    Understanding Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac Bailout And Your Home Loans

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                      Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac have been around for many decades and were developed as Quasi Governmental Organizations to cover the home loans of America to secure the banking industry.

                      What you need to know is that your home was probably covered under one of these banks. Whether you took out a subprime loan under $700,000 or a Fixed 30 year loan or a 5 year ARM the almost 10 …