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Without Fannie & Freddie Home Loans May Be At Shorter Terms

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    Many industry watchers are expecting the dissolving of  Fannie May and Freddie Mac home loan services that are backed loosely by an affiliation with the Federal Government. They are considered Quasi Federal Programs that work independently but also have Government protection.

    This connection to the Government is basically how loans were provided to persons that could not normally qualify for standard loans.  As we all know this lead to so many defaults by people who …

    2010 Third Quarter Home Sales Down 30% Foreclosures Account For 25%

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      In an extremely weak market home sales for the third quarter of 2010 plunged over 30% on average and much higher in the south and southwestern states.

      In all, 188,748 U.S. homes in some stage of foreclosure were sold in the July-September period, accounting for a quarter of all U.S. residential property sales.

      This is after the Obama Administration reached out to many large banks and required a stop of new foreclosures. After that …

      Home Warranty Insurance Is It Worth The Money?

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        Today it seems every company you deal with wants to sell you some type of insurance for your car, computer, electronics and home.

        When you purchased your home or when it was built new the builder most likely provided a free workmanship guaranty that also covered replacement of defective materials for the first couple years.  Some items such as foundations or framing may be covered for up to 10 years and many of the individual …

        How To – Planning Your Perfect Yard Sale Things You Need To Know

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          Throwing a yard sale is not much more then emptying your home on to the driveway and throwing a BBQ while shoppers buy your stuff … unfortunately there is a little more to it then that if you want to get the most out of your stuff and keep in the good graces of your local officials.

          Yes unfortunately due to a handful of new laws and possible home association rules the easy old …

          How To – Obtaining A Home Rehabilitation Purchase Loan

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            Many buyers look for fixer uppers to save money but instead of a home that may need new appliances, fixtures or a paint job a Rehabilitation Purchase Loan is for home that need a major amount of work before they are habitable.

            Finding a lender to loan you money on a rehab project can be difficult. Lenders at the time of writing this are faced with a large number of homes on their books that …

            How To – What Can You Expect If You Are At Risk For Home Foreclosure

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              Owning a home today is more difficult then in the past. For most of us there is no such thing as job security our parents had and with that comes the inability to find good jobs that can cover all of your bills. If you are having financial problems that cause trouble with you repaying other bills you are likely wondering if you are at risk for foreclosure.

              The following information comes partly from the …

              How To – Understanding Reverse Mortgages For Seniors

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                If you are a Senior and own your home there is a relatively new home loan instrument that you may benefit from called a reverse mortgage.

                Now when entering into any contract that can effect the largest investment most of us have our homes you want to do so with full knowledge of what you are getting yourself and your family into.  For this reason we are requiring you to seek out and get advice …

                Is it still possible to flip house? YES!

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                  A lot of people are very depressed about the home market right now but for people interested in flipping or just investing in real estate this is still a decent time to make money. Actually any time is always a good time to make money in real estate or any other business you just have to understand the basics of investment.

                  Any business person will tell you the main way to make money is to guarantee yourself a profit.

                  Real Estate investing …

                  US Home Sales Fall 30% To An Astounding Low For May 2010

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                    After European Home Sale numbers came out earlier this week with slightly higher performance and increases in home prices it is very disappointing to see a dramatic drop in pending home sales for the USA of 30 percent on average with higher numbers in all areas except southwestern states which have already seen dramatic cuts in new and existing home sales.

                    Pending sales fell by 33.3 percent in the South, 32.1 percent in …

                    How To – Know The Differences & Danger – Foreclosure, Bank Owned, Short Sale

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                      If you happen to be in the market for a new home or if you are thinking about investing in a property for potential income you should take your time and educate yourself about the different listing types you are likely to come into contact with when considering distressed sales.

                      Although you have the potential to make a considerable amount of money lenders are less likely to provide you an investment loan when a property …