Book – Stanley Complete Projects Made Easy

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    Book Description:
    Detailed photos and easy-to-follow presentation for tiling floors, walls, countertops, and showers guide novices and experts.

    Two-tiered design offers instruction for common tiling situations plus additional information for unusual circumstances.

    Comprehensive guide covers basic and advanced tile techniques to plan patterns, measure and cut tiles, seal finished surfaces, and repair broken tile.

    Prestart Checklists detail the tools, materials, skills, and time needed to complete each job.

    Stanley Pro Tips offer …

    Book – Black & Decker Complete Guide to Home Wiring

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      Book B&D Guide to Home WiringAt first glance this is a really great book for your coffee table or as an introduction to electrical services.

      With over 300 pages Black & Decker tries to cover most areas in the home that a do-it-yourself or just someone that might want to educate themselves in the basics of wiring.

      The images and cross-sections are great for …

      Types of Insulation for Residential Construction

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        There are a variety of insulation types that can be used around your home and selecting the right one for the job you are working on can be a little confusing.

        For most jobs you will probably want to stick with fiberglass insulation. Whether in batt form or loose fill it gives a decent R-Value per square inch and with proper precautions working with it can be quick, easy and clean.

        This does not mean that fiberglass should be the only choice …

        Insulation Guides for Energy Savings

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          Your homes insulation works both in the winter and the summer so the amount and type of insulation that you have will make a huge impact on the livability of your home year round. Unfortunately once a home is built it can be difficult to add insulation to the walls but because heat rises and the sun impacts your homes roof increasing attic heat in the summer a large benefit can be seen by increasing the amount of insulation in your attic.

          Attic insulation can …

          Benefit From Free Passive Solar Heating

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            The Sun is the most powerful source of energy in our Solar System and without its light and heat the Earth would be just another inhabitable Planet. The problem we find today is harnessing its energy for our own use. Although there are many products being manufactured such as Photovotaics for Energy to Electric conversion one of the first known and easiest methods of harvesting the Suns energy is …

            Lead Paint Hazards Renovation Guidelines

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              The use of lead paint in homes and buildings built prior to 1978 is common enough that guidelines have been set by the EPA on how a home remodeler should approach projects and how they should inform their customers before starting a job.

              This requirement is not only on contractors that tare down walls or sand exterior siding the problem occurs in every variety of work so the guides apply to all contractors.

              To learn more about the exact EPA Guides you …

              How to pick a Low Flow Toilet

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                1 piece toiletOver 10 years ago back in 1994 a Federal Law mandated the use of 1.6 Gallon per flush Low Flow Toilets. This meant that companies had to rush to market designs that were less then up to the task of the standard 3.5 gallon tanks that most home owners were use to but today there have been many advancements.

                As a matter of fact …

                Pump Jack Scaffolds

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                  One of the most important tools for a Siding Mechanic or Painter is a Pump Jack Scaffold. If you have ever visited or passed by a construction site you have probably seen one of these systems attached to the side of a house.

                  There are three basic parts of a pump jack system.

                  The pole that the jack rides up and down on

                  The pump jack which is pumped with your …

                  Sealing your house with Tyvek

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                    Sealing the house with Tyvek

                    Tyvek House Wrap is a pretty expensive product but because it comes in larger sizes it is many times easier to install then tar paper and will give your home a lasting base for keeping out the weather and wind.

                    To apply Tyvek you need to wrap the entire home. This is pretty easy to do if you follow a few simple suggestions.

                    Tyvek is very slippery so never rest the top of your ladder on the Tyvek that …

                    Sunrooms & Enclosures Manufacturers

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                      Sunrooms & Enclosures

                      Patio Enclosures Inc.
                      720 E. Highland Rd.
                      Macedonia, 44056-
                      V: 800-468-0720

                      Solar Innovations, Inc.
                      234 East Rosebud Road
                      Myerstown, PA 17067
                      V: 800-618-0669

                      Warmup, Inc
                      52 Federal Road
                      Unit #1F
                      Danbury, CT 06810
                      V: 203-791-0072