Buying Guide – Sink Addons – Purchasing Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

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    There are a number of products that you can add to your sink-top to provide better livability.

    Here we will examine the different types of hot and cold water dispensers that can make your life easier.

    Lets look at some of the features you should look for when making your purchase.

    Hot Water Dispensers

    The most common addon for your sink is a hot water dispenser.

    Mounted alongside your sink they can provide approximately 50 cups of 190F hot water an hour.

    Most dispensers require a small storage tank to heat the water to this high temperature but  others will simply pass the water through the heating coils at a slower rate to achieve the same results.

    Storage tanks will need to be mounted under your sink and a line from your sinks faucet will need to be installed to provide water.

    Many models will be adjustable so you can set the water temperature between 165F and 210F.

    Hot water dispensers can be used for making instant coffee, teas and for cooking.

    Cold Water Dispensers

    Cold water dispensers provide chilled water at your faucet for drinking and cooking.

    Many people will choose to provide chilled water alone but units are available that will work with hot water dispensers to reduce clutter.


    If you live in a home with children it is important to safe guard them from your hot water dispenser. Water that comes out of these units will definitely cause harm and burns if you are careless.

    Some dispensers provide a child proof lock. If your unit does not have this additional feature you may be able to change out the faucet with a compatible safety faucet.

    Since a duel faucet can provide chilled and hot water you may want to limit its use all together for young children to  reduce the chance that an improper valve handle choice could result in injury.


    You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 for your unit in its base model. Installation will require electrical and water connections.

    If you require a professional to install the device expect to pay about $200.

    If you already have electrical connections under your sink for your garbage disposal installing the unit can be performed in under an hour.


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