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How To – Cockroaches Control and Inspection

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    Although Cockroaches may be considered a pest because they look pretty nasty they can also be dangerous to your health causing gastrointestinal and respiratory illness. The latest research also shows that cockroach debris (old shells, body parts, and droppings) triggers asthma attacks in people who are sensitized to cockroach allergen.

    Which homes should be checked?

    Any home with food or moisture in it can have cockroaches. Often, apartment buildings have the worst infestations. A home …

    How To – Replacing Snow Blower Shear Pin Blade Shaft Bolts

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      Search : Poulan Pro PP40003 6-Pack Of Snow Thrower Sheer Pins & BoltsMany snow blowers have shear pins that break off when you hit something hard to protect the motor and drive mechanism from serious damage.

      It can happen when you hit a chunk of ice that was kicked into snow at the end of your driveway by a snow plow or if you happen to hit something harder like the edge of the curb, a …

      How To – Low Voltage Exterior Lighting Options For The Holidays

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        The Fall season means you will be preparing for a number of coming holidays. With the holidays come visitors and you may want to decorate the exterior of your home to make it more inviting or you may just want to provide some extra light outside of your home so guests that arrive after dark won’t be tripping on the way to your door.

        The benefit of low voltage lighting is that you normally can …

        How To – Dried Beans As A Long Term Storage Food Source

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          Long Term Food Storage is important for many reasons including emergency food sources and even for saving money but how long can dried beans really be saved?

          Adzuki, Black, Black-eyed, Black Turtle, Garbanzo, Great Northern, Kidney, Lentils, Lima, Mung, Navy, Pink, Pinto, Small Red, Soy, and Split-pea can all be dried and stored.

          A recent study has shown that Dried Beans can be stored for 30 years. This was the length of the study and it …

          How To – Gardener’s Checklist For The Fall Season

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            Fall Garden Cleanup TipsTaking care of your garden is a year round task and even in winter you want to make sure that large amounts of snow, debris and wind do not knock down your trellises, fences and cause damage you will need to repair in the spring.

            However for most of us Fall is the last time that we will do any serious work in our gardens.

            Early in the season we will be picking the last …

            How To – Getting Rid Of Home Project Waste Materials & Site Cleanup

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              In this howto we will look at site maintenance and waste removal.

              When you are improving your home with moderate sized projects like adding a deck, replacing windows and doors or remodeling a basement or garage there is going to be a lot of waste materials that you need to get rid of.

              Good management of your project means that you remove the waste from your work area at the end of every day.¬† The reason …

              How To – Harvesting Lettuce Seeds For Next Years Garden

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                When you plant lettuce in your garden unless you have a huge family or only plant a few seeds you are likely to have a few plants that start to get past their useability stage before you can pick them.

                You shouldn’t look at this as a bad thing because those plants will grow seeds that you can use in next years garden to grow a whole new batch of salads.

                Harvesting lettuce seed is not …

                How To – Don’t Waste Your Garden Weeds Use Them For Mulch

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                  Weeds are every gardeners evil foe but did you know that you can use weeds to kill weeds?

                  Like any plant material weeds can be used as a mulch material around the base of your plants. Large plants like tomatoes can benefit from mulch as can cucumbers, squash and any plant where the fruit is away from the ground.

                  Lets face it after pulling weeds in your garden all day the last thing you want to …

                  How To – Pruning Tomato Plants For Great Harvests

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                    A lot of people wonder what it takes to grow a garden full of tomatoes and really with just a little care your plants will do all of the work for you.

                    There are a few things that you need  to do to prepare the plant and garden for your tomatoes.

                    First pick a spot in your yard that gets at least 8 hours of direct sun.

                    You want a spot that will get enough sun throughout …

                    How To – Dealing With An Ant Invasion

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                      Ants can be a problem any time of the year but they are likely to start their invasion in mid-spring to early summer when they come out of winter dormancy and begin to search farther from their homes for food.

                      Ants are definitely attracted to our garbage and once one ant finds your trash can they will return to the colony and alert all of their friends of an abundant food source. For this reason …