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How To Know when your Riding Lawn Mower is past repairing

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    If you own a home with a relatively large lawn then using a push mower is something that takes a lot of time and energy. You have two choices either you buy a Riding Lawn Mower or you pay someone to cut your grass. The cost of a lawn tractor is probably one of the largest expenses as far as tools for the home and when they break down the cost of repairing …

    How To Treat for Weeds at the end of the Summer

    Be Sociable, Share! Summer is almost over and the temperatures in the daytime are starting to come down. Taking care of the garden and your lawn is less of a chore and it almost seems nice to get outside for a while.

      If you are like most of us you have been battling weeds. My home abuts a large field that is full of weeds and lucky for me the wind normally blows from that direction bringing an …

      How to – Prepare raspberry canes for the new season

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        If you love Raspberries and most people do then the earliest part of spring is your last chance to get in a crop of plants before the season begins.  Unfortunately you might have a difficult time finding plants at your local big box store so you are going to have to be creative and reach out to some quality garden centers or possibly try visiting a local farm that sells retail and asking if they …

        How to – Crop Rotation Guide to Similar Plant Types

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          When you plant your garden there are a variety of different reasons to rotate your crops. One reason is to restore nutrients like nitrogen that specific plants may suck out of your soil such as beans or tomatoes.

          Other reasons include pest and disease control. This may mean that if you have a Tomato Disease you will want to stay away from crops that are in the same family.

          The following chart can be used as a …

          How to – Sterilize Garden Soil of Pests and Bacteria without harsh Chemicals

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            As Gardeners we all understand that at times there is a need to use chemicals in our garden to protect and improve our crops.

            The most common chemicals we use are chemical based fertilizers and soil conditioners like lime that improve the health of our plants. Often these chemicals are safer for the home or small gardener and cheaper for larger farms then the alternative of organic products.

            When it comes to pesticides, fungicides and anti bacterial products …

            How To – Using a Swimming Pool Cooler for Hot Summer Days

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     most people in Northern States have heard of Pool Heaters that allow you to use your pool early in the spring and later into the fall months there is an opposite problem for people that live in warmer climates and thats hot pool water.

              Water will naturally hold heat and it is often used in home heating systems to store hot water from solar panels to warm homes.. This is a big problem …

              How To – Growing Flowers From Seed

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                Every spring trays of flowers appear in front of almost every store and gardeners around the country buy up dozens of six packs to fill the beds around our homes but with a little planing and preparation you can grow a garden of flowers for about 10% of the cost of store bought flower packs.

                The good thing about growing your own flowers is that you have a much wider selection of plants you can …

                How To – Is Manure Safe for Vegetable Gardens?

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                  Manure is a animal waste product that many farmers use to supplement the nutrients in their soil but is it something that the home gardener can use safely?

                  The first and most important thing that you need to know about using manure is that it can be dangerous for vegetable gardens.

                  If you have heard the warnings for E. coli on a variety of different vegetable and fruit crops like cantaloupes the one thing you probably …

                  How To – Whats a better deal Bulk Mulch or Mulch by the Bag?

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                    Every spring we try to clean up our yards by planting new grass, killing weeds and putting mulch in our flower beds and around our trees but the cost of mulch, getting it home and applying it can lead to a soar back and a empty wallet.

                    The first thing you should consider when deciding if you need a bulk delivery of mulch or just a few bags is how much you actually need.

                    If you …

                    How To – Troubleshooting Lawnmower Starting and Performance Problems

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                      Small Engines found in Lawnmowers normally work well for many years. If you have a problem with your lawnmower starting or operating to the best of its ability it is normally a small adjustment that needs to be made rather then a replacement.

                      One of the main ways that you can tell if your engine is still worth saving is if it smokes a lot of gray smoke through its exhaust. Gray smoke normally points to a problem with the piston …