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How To Stop The Spring Ant Invasion Dead In Their Tracks

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    Its that time again and this is kind of a follow up post about handling ant problems in your home.  Every year we have ants when it first gets warm. It seems they know there is a source of food and water in our kitchen and for ants it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

    You don’t have to have a dirty house or forget to wash the counter tops although if you …

    How To Save Money and Eat For a Week on a Handful of Dollars

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      Saving money is important for every family and just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be eating really good food.

      Today I am going to share one recipe that will only cost you about $10 and an hour of preparation but it will last you an entire week. Well how long it lasts will depend on the size of your family.

      Once a month I make homemade soup and it is very …

      How To Paint and Restore Your Rusty Lawnmower to Almost Brand New

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        Of the tools we have around the house our lawnmowers are probably one of the more expensive items but the fact is we grow dependent on them so keeping them in good working order means they last longer and work better while we have them.

        Over time no matter how well you maintain and clean the debris from the bottom of your lawnmower deck it will begin to rust. This is because even light grass blades will …

        How To Get rid of your Christmas Tree the easy way

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          So you decided this year would be a good time to try a real tree for Christmas but as hard as it was putting up you know its going to be just as hard or worse taking it down.

          Well really its not that difficult and with a few easy steps you can get all of your decorations safely packed away and your tree outside ready for recycling.

          The first thing we should talk about …

          How to Buy and Install a Real Christmas Tree

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            If you have never owned a real Christmas Tree then getting your first one will be quite an accomplishment. There are different dealers that sell Trees and many of them come off of commercial farms. You might find that a large retail center allows or rents space for a tree dealer in the corner of their parking lot or maybe a super store gets a delivery of a few dozen every couple weeks …

            How To Pick the right Bushes and Trees for your Home

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              Maybe you have been looking through magazines or noticing the gardens of the homes around your neighborhood and you are planning to do some upgrades in your yard. Before you do there are some things that you must understand about the types of plants you pick and their location in your yard.

              There are so many choices to be made in both the selection of the correct plant and the area you place it …

              How to fix a no start condition on a lawnmower with no spark

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                Lawnmower gasoline engines are pretty basic setups so repairing them normally only takes a few basic tools and a little time and money.

                When you are diagnosing a small engine with a no start condition there are three basic things that can cause this:

                Air / Fuel Mixture
                Electrical or Spark

                The first two problems are the least expensive and easiest to fix. If you have a problem with low compression in the cylinder then this can …

                How To End of Summer Garden and Lawn Maintenance

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                  As seasons change there are always new things to do and old things to take care of. The change from summer to fall is no different but it is a good time to do things you won’t be able to do once it gets colder.

                  Since our lawns are the largest areas on our property it is important that they are maintained. In the summer they give our kids a place to play and …

                  How To Plant a winter cover crop to control weeds in your garden

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                    If you are lucky enough to have farms in your area you might have noticed that at the end of Summer and early in Fall after they have harvested their main crop they plant a crop of winter wheat or something else that is often called a cover crop.

                    The reason behind planting a cover crop is to control weeds and to provide an organic material that can easily be turned into the soil …

                    How To Paint Concrete Surfaces in and around your Home

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                      Although Concrete is acceptable without a surface coating there are many times that you can benefit from applying paint or other coatings to increase its performance and appearance.

                      In basements you may want to apply concrete paint as a sealer if you would like to reduce humidity levels. On Garage floors you can apply an epoxy paint to protect the floor from oils and other products that can discolor the floor. Outside you may …