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Ants How to get rid of them

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    There are many different varieties of ants but when they enter your home all of them are unwanted guests. Understanding what attracts them inside is just as important as getting rid of them. Before using any pesticide in the home you should read and follow the directions closely. Outdoor Chemicals should only be used outside and you should limit pesticide use to a minimum in all areas.

    Common Ants are found every where. They come in a variety of sizes and colors …

    Buying Guide – Pressure Washers And Attachments

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      There are a number of projects around your home where a small or even large sized pressure washer can be a real help or for all practical reasons required. This buying guide will cover some of the different sizes of pressure washers and some of the attachments that can be used for your projects.
      What size is right for you?
      You should purchase a pressure washer that meets 70% of your job tasks with ease and …

      How To – Seasons First Harvest Of Radishes

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        Well it is that time of year again and if you haven’t begun your garden there is no time like now to get started.

        This year we were lucky to have a winter cover crop of Collards and Spinach that survived and is growing well but our first harvest of this season is our radishes.

        Radishes are one of the easiest crops to grow and you can start them after there is no chance of frost …

        Installing an asphalt driveway

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          Driveways can be made of many different types of material and the selection you choose will vary on your need and the amount you are willing to pay.

          Asphalt driveways are the standard for most people and provide a mixture of moderate cost and somewhat low maintenance. Other choices may be Crushed Stone which is low-cost, Concrete which is expensive and may tend to deteriorate in winter climates or Brick and Stone pavers which are the most expensive and also require high maintenance.

          Since most home buyers are in the moderate expense range they require a material that is both low-cost and maintenance free. Asphalt provides that however this is not to say it is totally maintenance free. Emulsion based sealers are the best friend to asphalt driveways and will extend the life of your driveway by many years. They work best when applied in the late summer to early fall and will seal out the harshness of winter salts and ice damage.

          Next we will step through the basic instillation of an asphalt driveway and explain some of the things you should look for in a good job.

          HowTo – Proper Storage Of Gasoline For Lawnmowers & Power Tools

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            At the time of writing this HowTo we are now in Spring and entering into Summer but year round we may have reason to store Gasoline in our Garages and Sheds for use in lawnmowers, weed wackers other garden tools and in the winter we should have a supply ready for use in our gasoline powered snow blowers.

            The first thing you should understand after knowing that Gasoline can cause fires is that storing gasoline …

            How To – Building And Installing A Fence Gate

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              Tools & Hardware : Adjust-A-Gate AG 60-36 2-Rail Contractor Quality Gate Kit, 60-Inch to 96-Inch by 36-Inch HeightFence Gates that allow passage of lawn tractors in the rear of your home or automobiles at your driveway are larger then an average door opening that you may have for access of people into your fenced in backyard.
              Gates begin at 36 inches wide and can be as wide as necessary to allow passage into or out of …

              How To – Growing Your Own Mushrooms – Shiitake Portabella Oyster

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                Kitchen & Housewares : Shiitake Mushroom Growing PlugsMushrooms are now playing a larger part in our diets but the cost of buying some of our favorite varieties means they are often served at special meals or not as often as we may want.

                If you have parents old enough you may have heard stories about their going to the woods and gathering wild mushrooms but unless you have a decent amount of skill and training this …

                How To – Guide To Installing Your Curb Side Mail Box

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                  All Products : Solar ST200B00 Group Jumbo Steel Rural Mailbox, BlackThe Federal Government is always full of happy regulations and the post office is no stranger. All of the regulations are easy to understand and reasonable considering your postman will need to visit hundreds of homes every day and dealing with boxes that are too high or short to reach, lettering that is hard to see, complex designs or boxes that just don’t work easily …

                  Portland Oregon Giving You $50 To Plant A Tree

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                    Can one tree make a difference?

                    Well to find out it won’t cost you anything if you live in Portland, Oregon.

                    Every tree planted in Portland contributes to cleaner rivers and streams. So, if you plant a tree on your residential property, you can receive a rebate of up to $50 for native trees.

                    Receive a credit on your utility bill (50% of purchase price up to $40, up to $50 if the tree is a Willamette Valley native)

                    Rebates …

                    How To – Manage Your Property In Fire Zone Areas To Reduce Danger

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             matter where you live fires that start outside of your home can effect your home. If you live in the country you could have a brush or field fire. If you live near a park or wooded area a forest fire could cause you problems. If you live in the city homes around yours could catch on fire and spread to your home.

                      There are a number of locations around the country that see …