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Protecting Children from Pesticides

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    According to the EPA every year approximately 75,000 children in the USA are poisoned by house hold pesticides. Most of the poisonings are due to improper storage of chemicals.

    A study showed almost 50% of homes with children had poisons stored in an unlocked area below 4 feet high. In homes without children pesticides were found unlocked and below the 4 foot safety level 75% of the time.

    Even if you do not have children it is important to store your chemicals safely …

    How To – Caring For Cut Flowers To Extend Their Life

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      Once a Flower is cut the time that it will last is limited but there are some very simple things that you can do to get the most out of your purchase or garden cuttings.

      If you are retrieving flowers from your own garden you want to select flowers that are just about to or just have bloomed.

      Stem length will be determined by the type of flower and the condition of the plant. It is …

      HowTo care for African Violets

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        African Violets are one of the most popular indoor plants. Requiring a little more care then other house plants they can provide beautiful foliage and flowers.

        Water, sun and temperature are the key to healthy plants.

        African Violets have about a 10 degree happy zone with a daytime temperature of 72F and overnight temperatures no lower then 62F.

        The plant will flower in bright light but they do not like high heat so east or …

        How To – Remember The Winter Snacks For Animals That Live In Your Yard

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          Search : Homestead 3201S Super Stop A Squirrel Wild Bird FeederWintertime can be tough for Animals and Birds that live in or around our homes.

          When the snow comes and covers the ground it can be very difficult for them to find food and many animals do not store food in the same way squirrels store nuts.

          Although most animals will hibernate in the winter it does not mean they stay a sleep for 4 or 6 …

          Soil Testing Service – Businesses

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            Farmers Gardeners and other Developers often need Soil Testing Services performed.

            Most State Colleges with Agricultural Programs will test soil for free or at discounted rates to teach and offset the cost of their programs. You should contact your State Department of Agriculture and local College for additional information.

            This Directory is not an endorsement of the businesses or the quality of work they perform and should only be used as a starting point for your research.

            BBC Laboratories, Inc.
            1217 North Stadem …

            How To – What You Should Know About Manure

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              Heh pretty nice name for a HowTo but the fact is there are a lot of people that don’t know the differences between commercial manner and soil additives and what you might pickup at a local horse or other animal farm.

              One of the strangest things we constantly see in our local newspaper is advertisements in the Give Away section from horse owners that want to get rid of their Manure.  The bad part about …

              How To – Proper Pruning Of Lower Branches To Provide Clearance For Pedestrians

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                Whenever you prune a Tree improving its health should be your primary concern. This is also true when you need to prune trees that are within your property or near streets or walkways.

                When planting your garden you should understand how your trees will grow over their lifetime that way you can provide enough room that natural growth can occur.

                With established trees you must understand that simply pruning access towards the bottom of the tree …

                Watering your lawn and garden

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                  There are many watering devices that can help you maintain your plants but there are also many ways to reduce your water usage.

                  Depending on where you live and how you get your water the amount you use could add up costing you a lot of money by the end of the growing season.

                  Proper care in design and plant choice will lower your water costs but also the time you …

                  Improving your Soil with Peat Moss

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                    Every previous season of growing drains your garden soil of nutrients. Chemical fertilizers will only improve one aspect of good soil conditions. To have healthy soil you need organic materials that will hold water and allow the roots to spread easily while growing.

                    There are a few different methods of adding organic materials to you garden. The least expensive is mulching. This is where you pile up last seasons leftover plants and rotten …

                    Ants How to get rid of them

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                      There are many different varieties of ants but when they enter your home all of them are unwanted guests. Understanding what attracts them inside is just as important as getting rid of them. Before using any pesticide in the home you should read and follow the directions closely. Outdoor Chemicals should only be used outside and you should limit pesticide use to a minimum in all areas.

                      Common Ants are found every where. They come in a variety of sizes and colors …