How To Car Tune Ups and Tips Before a Cross Country Road Trip

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    A lot of people will be taking vacations across the country or moving this summer and if you have never done it there are a few tips that you really need to understand before you get started.
    Don’t bring the world with you on a long trip
    The first thing is you want to make your trip as easy as possible so you don’t want to overload your vehicle with stuff. If you are on a …

    How To Buy a Car New or Used which is Best?

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      Honestly I don’t know why this is so much of a question today. There have been so many reports about buying new and used vehicles and how to get the best deal no matter what you are buying. However I guess there are a new crop of people that become first time car buyers that just don’t care enough to put the time in to research all of the issues. In that case …

      How To Select Snow Chains for your Vehicle

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        When the weather gets bad sometimes you have no choice but to drive in it and for times like this you really need a good set of snow tires but unfortunately most people purchase all weather tires today.

        If you are out on the road and stuck someplace a temporary option is to install snow chains or snow cables to get you home or to a safe place. Snow chains even …

        How To Clean Your Spark Plugs and Diagnose Problems

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          In this how to we will be looking at a few problems that you might have with your lawnmower or vehicle’s spark plugs. Although eventually you may need to replace your plugs you normally shouldn’t have to do it due to fouling or physical damage. If you do have fowling or physical damage to your plugs you will need to cure that problem or your new plugs will have the same problem.

          There are a …

          How To Diagnose And Change Your Cars O2 Sensor

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            If your car has a loss of power and or gas mileage and it has over 60k miles there is a pretty good chance that you will need to perform a full tuneup which may include an O2 Sensor replacement.

            Although most O2 Sensors won’t actually go bad after only 50k to 100k miles they will get covered with carbon deposits that make them inoperable. I have seen some people try to clean them with …

            How To Understand and Pass State Vehicle Inspections

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              Not every State has Vehicle Inspections and the type of inspections your State may have will probably vary dramatically from the others around the country. Never the less it is something that many of us have to go through on an annual basis.

              One of the Worst things about inspections is when you fail for something very simple. Maybe you have a taillight out that you didn’t know about and that will require you hitting …

              How To Get Into a Frozen Car

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                Have you been hit with a winter ice storm? We have been getting them a lot this year but even if you don’t have ice you might still be locked out of your car due to snow melting and freezing again.

                It can be a difficult situation for people that don’t have a garage to park in or if your garage is unheated. You wake up in the morning after night time temperatures have got …

                How To Save Money on your Car Insurance With Secret Discounts Mandated by Law

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                  Did you know you can save money on your car insurance by telling your agent to implement Secret Discounts some of which are mandated by state laws?

                  Well I guess I should really say its probably not a secret to your agent or the company you are with that these discounts exist .. its just that your agent has probably never told you about them and if the company did release the information to …

                  How To Buy a Used Car from a Local Dealer for the Best Price

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                    Its that time of year and people start looking for deals on vehicles expecting to get amazing discounts. Now before you start buying into that myth that the end of they year is when dealers want to get rid of every car on their lot you have to understand that dealers want to get rid of every car on their lot every day of the year.

                    This is especially true for used vehicles because …

                    How To Prepare your Vehicle for the Winter Driving Season

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                      We are going to cover a few tips that can keep your car on the road during winter. It is always best to have a plan when things go wrong and to take care of maintenance that could leave you stranded.

                      The first thing you want to do is go through all of your standard factory maintenance suggestions. If you are behind on any of them you want to bring them up to date.

                      This …