How To – Painting Your Cars Engine Compartment

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    In this howto we will paint the firewall and engine compartment with your engine in and match it to its original paint color or a new color if you are doing an overall paint job.

    There are times when you need to paint your car’s engine compartment and doing so shouldn’t mean pulling the engine and a lot of hassle.

    I have seen over zealot car builders get bent out of shape about painting their engine …

    How To – Protecting your Car from Pet Spills and Messes

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      Everyone who has a pet knows that the last thing they want to do after a day at the park is take an hour to clean out the car.

      Mistakes happen and it can be from a water bowl being tipped over or maybe something not so pleasant but fortunately there are ways to reduce the mess and its effects on your interior.

      Some manufacturers of SUVs have started catering to the Animal Lover by providing …

      How To – Learning by Doing Taking that First Step in Learning To Repair Stuff

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        No one jumps in and builds a house or a skyscraper or race car on their first try unless they are crazy. The fact is building and fixing things takes years to learn. The good thing is most of us have an opportunity to learn about how things work as we grow up.

        The first step in changing a flat on a monster caterpillar truck is changing the inner tube on your 10 speed bike …

        How To – Removing Oil Stains and Gasoline Smells from Work Clothes

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          The cost of working in your garage shouldn’t include the price of a new pair of pants and a shirt.. Everyone who has got too deep into a project probably found that oily greasy mess that you wish never happened. We aren’t talking about normal stains this is when you endup pulling a transmission and getting soaked head to toe in fluid or end up with the content of a wheel bearing all over …

          How To – Serious Tips for Reducing Your Car Insurance Costs

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            Other then your rent or mortgage one of the highest costs of your monthly bills is your car insurance. Unfortunately there is no way around having car insurance and it is to your benefit to have it. Any time that you are in an accident no matter how small you risk potential lawsuits. Most of the time your insurance will cover all of the costs but if you are one of those people that …

            How To – Safe Driving Tips For Deer Season

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              Every Fall the number of accidents caused by collisions with deer populations has risen. For the past 5 years West Virginia has been the hardest hit but other states with similar agriculture and high deer populations see very similar numbers.

              Since deers have a high center of gravity… meaning very thin legs and heavy bodies when the average passenger car comes into contact the deer will slide over the vehicle’s hood and directly into the windshield. Additionally …

              How To – Changing Your Cars Fuel Filter

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                Depending on your driving habits and the quality of fuel you put in your car it is a good idea to change your car’s fuel filter once every 12 to 24 months.

                Because the process is normally pretty easy it is something that you can do yourself with a couple hand tools and safety glasses.

                Before you start you will need to pickup a new filter at your automotive supply store (check our store for good …

                How To – Preparing For State Vehicle Inspection

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                  Not every state in the country requires vehicle safety and emission inspections but if you need to get your car inspected there are a few things that you can do to make the process easier.

                  As said above there are two types of vehicle inspections. The first is a safety inspection and this is the most important of the two.
                  Safety Inspections
                  During a safety inspection your car will be inspected for general safety conditions.

                  The method that …

                  How To – Avoiding Bad Deals On Cheap Used Cars

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                    At $30,000 for an average new vehicle many of us are looking at pre-owned vehicles that can bring better value for the dollar. Although this is a great way to save money up front it is important to do your research before you buy a car that will only give you headaches.

                    The first thing you should ask yourself is why did the previous owner give up their new car. Many times new car owners …

                    How To – Removing Automotive Window Tint

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                      If you purchase a used vehicle that has had improperly applied tint or if the aftermarket tint on your car is beginning to fail and separate then you will need to remove the old tint so you can apply some new.

                      This process can be very messy and because you will be using ammonia can cause you discomfort if you have breathing problems.  I suggest that you contact a local shop that specializes in installing …