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How To – Cutting Costs of Expensive Cable or Satellite TV

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    Every time I get the cable bill I wonder why am I paying for dozens of channels that I never watch and shouldn’t there be a way that I can get a cheaper bill.

    I think most people feel the same way. We want to have some entertainment but we end up paying for so much garbage that we never wanted.

    Well there are a few ways that you can lower your costs. Unfortunately you can’t …

    How To – Budget Upgrading Your Computer To An Intel i5 Sandybridge i3 i7 Options

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      Normally we don’t get too in depth on howtos that cover computer hardware upgrades but since many of our users are looking to upgrade computers for their business or  family we thought we would take a quick look at how you can get the most bang for your buck and extend the life of your system.

      Now if you are going from a very old computer like we are. Our system is a Pentium 2.6ghz …

      How To – Biometric Safes For Security & Easy Access

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        Biometrics in security has been around for more then 15 years but most of our homes still do not rely on this technology for storage of personal items and weapons.

        Every good gun owner should have their weapons secured at all times but this also means delays of access in emergency situations.  With advances in technology and reductions in cost this easy and secure method of storing your items is now in reach.

        Although storing large …

        How To – Tilt Wall Mounts For LCD And Plasma Televisions

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          Most small to midsized flat screen televisions will come from the manufacture with a table top stand for viewing larger televisions will require mounting on your wall. You may even want to mount a smaller television directly on your wall to provide a better viewing angle or just for saving space.

          To mount your television correctly will mean proper selection of a tilt wall mount.  Most stores will offer mounts to fit televisions that they …

          How To – Cable Tv Systems – How do they work

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            With new products being offered by our cable tv providers we wanted to take a look at how all of these technologies are provided over one connection to your home.

            For the longest time Cable Tv meant that you were provided with a single selection of television broadcasts. The only variation to the basic cable choices was paid movie channels. Providing this type of service to customers was a relatively easy …

            How To – Assembling An External Hard Drive Enclosure

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              The need for an external hard drive can be many and building your own is a pretty quick process if you follow a few basic steps.

              You may want to take the drive with you when you are away from home or office. Backups are also a good reason now that hard drives have become much larger then even a double sided DVD. Or you may just want to add a hard drive and don’t …

              How To – Planning For Your Home Office

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                The largest percentage of growth is in home run or small businesses but when planing your office it is important to make choices that let you run more efficiently then a large business.  This means you must know the demands of your customer and structure your business to meet all their needs. Think about it if you want a job done you want it done right and and price and performance are a big …

                How To – Choosing And Installing A Television Satellite Dish

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                  With the Digital Transition now in effect this is probably a good time to evaluate your home television reception and what possibilities you have for improving it.

                  If you live near a metropolitan area you may have seen the transition to digital provide a few extra channels to your over the air lineup. Many major stations have begun offering 24 hour news or weather stations while others have introduced sports channels and other offerings only …

                  How To – Wireless Network Security Measures For Home And Office

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                    Search : Linksys WRT54GS Wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBoosterMany homes and businesses now use Wireless technology to connect their portable computers and devices to their network and to provide a network infrastructure without the need to hardwire to each device location.

                    The ability to quickly add devices or allow an interface to your network is important but if security is not properly implemented you may find that others have quick and easy access to your network …