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How To Wire your home for Television Antenna Reception

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    Many people are returning to Antennas for Television reception. The reason for this can be many but for most of us it is the high prices of Cable or Satellite TV programming and the quality of programming available on these services.

    Most homes and even apartments have more than one television today. It seems we just can’t go without television for a moment and they can be found not just in our living rooms but our …

    How To Television Media Player Options for Cutting Cable TV Bills

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      One of the larger trends to day is saving on utility bills and this often means using your cellphone as your primary phone and downgrading or eliminating your Cable TV Bill.

      Lets face it paying hundreds of dollars a year for the pleasure of having a 100 tv channels of which you probably watch 5 is really not cost effective. Unfortunately unless cable tv and dish companies come out with plans that allow you to only …

      How To Selecting and Using the right Flux when Soldering Metals

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        Whether you are working on a copper pipe in your bathroom or trying to repair a speaker in your portable radio you are likely to find situations where you need to solder metal parts together for structural or electrical reasons.

        The first thing we should cover is very important. When you are working with home electrical systems you never solder the joints / connections. Wiring that is used to deliver electricity from your circuit breaker box …

        How to Best Practices for Roof Mounted TV Antenna Installation

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          http://www.affordablehdtv.com/product_thumb.php?img=imagez/antennas/ChannelMaster/CM9067.jpg&w=200&h=200&type=pdInstalling an antenna should be planned and you should understand a bit about home construction before you get yourself into trouble.

          Personally I grew up with a tv antenna in our attic. It was fine because we had older construction with rafters instead of new construction with trusses. Trusses use smaller sized lumber but they pre build them in a layout that increases their stability. Rafters are single pieces of wood that run from the ridge …

          How to Choose the right HD Television Antenna Amplifier for your home

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            http://www.datavis.com/200/730781.jpgIf you are thinking about installing a television antenna for your home to get free over the air HD Television then you have a variety of choices that you have to make to build your system.

            The first and most important choice is the selection of your television antenna. Without a quality and correctly sized antenna you will never be able to pickup stations that are local or far away.

            When you select the correct antenna for …

            How To Pick the best HDTV Antenna for your Home

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              http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l200/pict/110950529102.jpgLets face it the cost of Cable or Dish based Television is just getting out of hand. They get you to subscribe by offering amazing deals for the first few months or a year but often you are tied to contracts that require you to pay full price for months or years to come.

              This is why so many people are deciding to go back to Over The Air television which has no monthly fee other …

              How To – Get Rid of your Cable or Satellite TV Bill and still enjoy Television

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                Cable and Satellite TV bills can cost more than half your other utility bills combined and although its nice watching a movie you’ve seen 20 times or some reality show thats kinda lame but its the only new thing on all 147 stations you are paying for gets to be a bit much.

                The really sad thing is every new television out there is able to play HD video and your cable provider has …

                How To – Windows XP Support Ends April 8, 2014 – What do you do now?

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                  Microsoft is ending Windows XP technical support on April 8th, 2014 and there are still millions of people out there that have not updated.

                  So, what does this mean to you and how should you go about upgrading.

                  The first thing you have to understand is that the Computer Operating System is the main software that makes the computer run and all the other programs work together. Although Microsoft may bundle some extras in their OS or …

                  How To – Why doesn’t my Electric Razor give a Close Shave – The Tricks they don’t tell you

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                    http://www.yourepair.com/yrblog/wp-content/HLIC/618d90f03a99af1c689d028492e88026.jpgElectric Razors are probably the best invention for men in the past 40 years. When I was a kid starting to shave I had the choice of the standard single replaceable blade razors or disposable razors that just started hitting the market. Yes it was quite a long time ago and although they did offer electric razors they were cost prohibitive and didn’t work well.

                    Today although you can chose to spend over $100 for an …

                    How To – Home Security Systems for Apartment Renters

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                      Wireless alarm system for ApartmentsThere are many reasons that people choose renting over owning their own home. Often it is for convenience or it could be for temporary housing when moving to a new location or it could just be the cost. Whatever the reason it does not mean that you have to do without a dependable security system that you can purchase and control yourself.

                      The problem with home security systems is that they …