Understanding Perennials, Annuals and Biennials

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    When planning your garden you can choose from a variety of different plants, bushes and trees.

    There are 3 basic types to choose from

    Perennials – Plants that survive for many years.

    Bushes and trees are examples of Woody Perennials.
    These plants will last for many years. Some like evergreens Pines or Holly bushes will keep their leaf structure year long. Others that are deciduous like Oak Trees will drop their leafs and go dormant during the winter.

    Herbaceous Perennials are plants that die back to the ground but will grow again in the spring. The best example is shown in Flowering Bulb plants like the Lillie, aster, iris.

    Biennials– Plants that live for a few years. During the first year the plant will germinates and gains size in the second year the plant will flower and drop seeds. The seeds will grow new plants in the following year. Because of mulching and different soil conditions you may need to collect or replant this type of plant

    Annuals – Plants that need Annual yearly replacement.

    Annuals can be seen in the brightest flowers in the garden or in most vegetable species.

    These plants grow for one year and will require replanting every spring. Annuals depend on the dropping or harvesting of seeds to continue growth over years. Unfortunately some plants that are Hybrids have poor quality seeds for harvesting. Annuals can be purchased in packs at garden centers or grown from seeds packs.

    What to pick
    When designing your yard you should use a mixture of plant types. Understand that evergreen plants will provide wind brakes, privacy and color in the winter months and summer. Decidual Trees will provide shade in the summer and allow the winter sun to shine through. Perennial bushes and bulbs will give you springtime blossoms and won’t need replacement. Annual flowers will give bright colors from spring time to fall and can be used to highlight your garden or they can be used in pots where permanent planting would not be possible.
    Proper planning can offer you year round pleasure and allow you to reduce and manage your maintenance times.

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