Rose Pruning

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    Proper pruning of plants is something that all gardeners should learn.

    For many plants like roses pruning is necessary to improve the growth and flowering of the plant.

    Prune your roses in late winter – early spring to promote the next seasons growth.

    Summer pruning should be done to remove diseased or damaged stems or for harvesting flowers.

    You should also deadhead the flower buds once they have died.

    Always make clean sharp cuts when pruning.

    If you tare the bark / skin of the stem you should make another cut.

    Using a utility knife to first cutting around the bark will reduce the possibility of tare.

    Cuts can be made on a slight angle to provide better water runoff but two steep of an angle will just expose more of the center stem.

    If you must cut extremely thick stems that are too hard for you to get with a hand pruner you can use a tree branch pruner for better leverage. Use of a saw will produce very rough cuts if this is your only option be very diligent to seal the cut with Pruning Sealer.
    Tools you will need.

    Pair of heavy gloves.
    A sharp pair of By-pass pruning sheers.
    Pruning sealer .

    To get started first prune back all dead or injured stems.

    Next to promote new growth and flowers you will want to pick your 3 to 4 strongest stems and remove the others. Roses like tomato and other plants will send out sucker branches that can drain the strength from your plant reducing blossoms.

    With your best stems remaining you will want to cut them back to about 2 feet tall.

    You should use a Pruning Sealer to protect your cuts and stop bugs from entering the cut and eating the stem.


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