How To – Building A Basement Workout Room

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    One of the best things about owning your own home is that you don’t need to go out to the Gym and spend extra money to get in shape.  That 20 minutes you spend on the road can be spent exercising and if you do that every day you will definitely be in shape in just a few months.

    The fact is you don’t even need a lot of expensive machines to get in shape all you need is a large enough space to work freely and the dedication to keep up the work until you see results.

    Basements are a great space for working out especially if the room height is tall enough to provide good movement.  To get full benefit you need enough room to get both cardiovascular or aerobic exercise in and work with hand weights.

    You should set aside at least a 10×10 foot area with about 2/3rds of that space open for aerobic exercise and good movement when using your weights.

    Store your equipment off to the side of the room and you can make or purchase weight racks to organize your free weights. If you like to use a stationary bike or have other stationary equipment then you will need to extend your workout area to provide easy access. However if you are just starting off I would suggest that you do not invest a lot of money in your equipment.

    Getting Discount Equipment

    Every January people decide they are going to start working out to lose weight and by spring time they lose interest in their new lifestyle and have a yard sale.  This is a great way to pickup cheap equipment and if you are looking for a weight set or exercise bike you can usually get it at less then half price.

    Another place to look is newspaper and other local ads placed by people who are moving. Most people won’t want to haul their exercise equipment across the country. If you see moving sales that don’t include exercise equipment then call if you can and see if they have any.

    Specialty Shops that sell used equipment are also good places to pickup some items. Often they are much higher then what you would find at a yard sale but still you won’t be paying full price for an item that has only been lightly used.

    When buying used exercise equipment you must know your prices. Many people want to get as much as they can and that should only be as much as you want to spend. Check EBAY and other sales sites to get prices on used items and know your models. The difference between a top end treadmill vs a low end  one can be hundreds of dollars and if there are repairs necessary always pay much less then the going value.

    Setting Up Your Workout Area

    Light weights and aerobic exercise are what I enjoy because it gives me the best benefit for the time spent. If you like working out to a video you should make sure you have access to a television you can watch and you may want to setup a DVD library that won’t get old in just a few months.

    Music is also important for most of us and if you are not working out to a video of lead instruction then you want to have some type of music to keep you going. Don’t go overboard all you need is an inexpensive radio with dvd player that you can get at your discount store.

    Make the room clean and bright. White walls will reflect light well and part of getting fit is a healthy mind. Bright Light therapy especially in winter months will actually make you feel happy so provide good lighting and cut back on the clutter.

    If you will be working out on the floor or running in place it is important that you have a good cushion to reduce problems with your feet and shin splints.

    A good closed loop short rug with a double layer of padding will provide a great workout pad and won’t cost a lot.

    Get Dedicated

    When you start an exercise routine you must understand your goal. If your goal is to be fit for the rest of your life that means you will need to exercise for the rest of your life.  This means you need to dedicate your life and your time.

    Don’t miss workout times and expect to make them up it will never happen.

    Don’t start off too hard and then get disappointed when your body tells you it is out of shape. Start with a light aerobic workout three to five times a week for 20 minutes. You may find that this is enough to keep you fit and tone your body and then once you get to the point you can introduce weights you will be dedicated and healthy enough to take the next step.

    You will find that there are no tricks and that setting aside the time to workout is the most difficult part of getting in shape. Once you tackle that part you are on your way.

    Keep it simple, safe and clean and progress at your own rate slowly.

    Always ask a doctor before you begin an exercise regime.

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