How To – Building And Installing A Fence Gate

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    Tools & Hardware : Adjust-A-Gate AG 60-36 2-Rail Contractor Quality Gate Kit, 60-Inch to 96-Inch by 36-Inch HeightFence Gates that allow passage of lawn tractors in the rear of your home or automobiles at your driveway are larger then an average door opening that you may have for access of people into your fenced in backyard.
    Gates begin at 36 inches wide and can be as wide as necessary to allow passage into or out of your yard.

    Because they are so large they will need much stronger materials often a welded steel support system and specialized hinge and locking systems to secure the gate and allow for easy opening and closing without the gate sagging and dragging on the ground.

    You will also need to install larger posts at the gate that are secured in concrete. Often if the fence is wood you will see four inch square or round steel posts secured to a two foot or deeper footing that will support the gate. If the gate is next to your home or commercial building you should not attach it directly to the building because damage to the door will cause expensive damage to the building where as the post can simply be replaced leaving the building wall undamaged.

    Tools & Hardware : Adjust-A-Gate AG 72  2-Rail Consumer Quality Gate Kit, 36-Inch to 72-Inch by 45-Inch HighSince Gates require this extra detail to construction you will often find a change in materials from the fence to the gate. A home that has a three or four rail fence or even a blockade privacy fence may change to a decorative steel gate that can withstand constant opening and closing.

    If you want to continue the same material of your fence within your gate you can buy a steel gate frame that will allow attachment of wood or other fence materials.

    Because a smoothly operating gate is necessary for your driveway I would suggest that you get bids and examine the selection from your local fence company. You can build the rest of your fence and allow them to complete the gate or maybe just sell you the parts. Either way they should give you some idea of what options you have.

    Utilities and Fence Locations

    Tools & Hardware : Bago Luma WGG330  Scrolled Garden GateBefore you dig you should call your local electric, gas, cable TVĀ  and water companies about coming out and locating the lines that are in the ground around your property. This service is often free because it costs them less to come out and tell you where a gas line is then to repair it even if they end up billing you for your mistake. Always call before you dig.

    If you are installing a rear or side gate for access to the back of your property you should remember that local code will most likely require that the gate be unlocked if your Natural Gas or Electric Service is behind the gate. To get around this many electric and gas companies can install a remote monitoring device or even move the meter to the front of your home or even in rural areas the front of your property. Call them and ask what options you have.

    The YouRepair Store carries a full line of Fence Gate Hardware and Tools to complete your project.

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