How To – Should I use Beer To Kill Slugs?

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    garden lettuce

    Everyone has probably heard this tale about using a bowl of beer in your garden to attract pests like slugs.  What is the real truth about this and should you give it a try?

    Its probably not a great idea to use this method if you really value your plants.

    The truth is you are probably more likely to get your cat drunk then really cure your pest problem with bowls of beer throughout your garden. Then you have to find a way to get rid of the cats too and one thing leads to another and you wake up one day with your neighbors knocking on your door complaining about the noise the elephants are making.

    The fact is most pesticides that professionals use are available to the general public. If not the exact mix then a reasonable alternative should be on the shelf at your local garden or home center.

    The difference between having a professional do the work for you and doing it yourself is you won’t have that long term understanding of exactly how the product should be applied and in what concentration or frequency so it is very important that you read the directions on any pesticide and take all precautions that they recommend. After applying the product always immediately wash the product off your hands and a shower is not a bad idea too.

    So I guess the answer is No

    Don’t put out bowls of beer expecting to cure your problems.

    This is a cute little tale that gardeners like to talk about but it is not something you want to do if there is a chance that you could lose a couple hundred or thousands of dollars worth of plants.

    Always use professional products in a responsible manner following directions.

    But if you are drinking a beer on a hot day with nothing better to do… heck pour a little in a dish and see if you catch any.

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