HowTo care for African Violets

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    African Violets are one of the most popular indoor plants. Requiring a little more care then other house plants they can provide beautiful foliage and flowers.

    Water, sun and temperature are the key to healthy plants.

    African Violets have about a 10 degree happy zone with a daytime temperature of 72F and overnight temperatures no lower then 62F.

    The plant will flower in bright light but they do not like high heat so east or west windows will do best in many locations. If you find your plant is not flowering try to give it a little more sun but be careful not to dry it out.

    Water your plant when the soil becomes dry but not hard.
    When watering your plant you should use room temperature water. Probably the best way is to fill your watering can after you water your plant so it will be ready for next time. Never use cold water as it may cause spotting to form on the foliage.

    Never water the plant directly on the leaves. insert your watering cans tip into the plant center and give enough water that a small amount comes out the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.

    If you will be transplanting your plant into another pot you should stick with nonporous containers and use a good soil mix. Porous planters can trap molds and fungi in their bodies and when water hits them the spores will begin to grow. If you like a decorative planter you may want to use a plastic container to hold the soil and then place the whole thing into the decorative bowl.

    African Violets like s lose soil and 1 part Perlite to 2 parts Peat Moss will provide good drainage.

    A good plant food should be available at your garden center that is targeted specifically for African Violets. You should apply the fertilizer once or twice a month by following the packages directions.

    If you will be on vacation or unable to water your plants for an extended time you can place the pots in a tray or bowl and fill it with water. Removing them from direct sun is also recommended.

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