How To Reduce Your Reaction To Pollen And Allergies In Your Home

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    Spring is one of the worst times for most people when it comes to Pollen and Allergies but depending on your reaction the problem might not go away any time of the year.

    Whether you have strong reactions or just eye and sinus problems there are things that we all can do to reduce the effects and it might not take too much work.

    You should not leave your windows open during the spring. Even though you might want some fresh air after a long winter if you open your windows you are just asking for problems. If you must open them to remove bad odors then do so when the Pollen Count is lowest. This would be from about 11am to 3pm which is difficult for most of us to do. Another time would be right after a hard rain shower as most of the pollen should be locked in place on moist outside surfaces.

    Air Purifiers are a good tool but they only work in a single room. You should never have your windows open while using an air purifier or while cleaning your home.

    Change your heater / air conditioning filter.more often. If you normally change your furnace filter once a year or once a month you should up that schedule to include more changes. Don’t wait for it to get completely full of material before you change it. The extremely high cost filters are probably not worth the cost as they are rated for particulate that is much smaller than what is causing your allergic reaction.


    Reduce your use of air dusters and vacuum machines and wipe surfaces with wet paper towels that you can throw away. Cleaning your carpets with a rug cleaner is a great idea and you should do it about once a month. Purchasing a rug cleaner is a good idea to save money and you don’t have to use expensive cleaners each time you wash the rug.

    Change your clothes when you come inside. After a long day outside you want to reduce the transfer of pollen to your chairs and bed. Taking a shower is also a good idea as it will wash the pollen from your hair. The last thing you want to do is fill your bed with pollen and then sleep in it.

    A bed cover might not be a bad idea. Along with washing your sheets and blankets you might want to cover your bed with something as simple as a shower curtain.

    Final Note

    Reducing your time outside and the amount of pollen you bring into your home on your clothes or with open windows will bring you a lot of relief.

    If you need to work outside for a few hours I suggest that you wear a face mask with a breathing valve. They only cost about $10-15 for a box and can be purchased at your local home store or online. The valveĀ  is pretty much required if you are doing any physical activity. It will release the hot air you exhale and reduce the moisture in the mask that can clog it and then you will just end up taking it off so pay the extra $5 for the better type with a valve.




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