Bugs in your Garden

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    Not all insects are pests in fact a great many of them are beneficial

    Pollinators like the Bees are one of the most important beneficial insects but
    other insects can reduce your need for chemical insecticides and chemical fertilizers.

    ladybug beetle – loves to eat aphids a main pest of most gardens.

    Praying Mantis – eats many common pest insects.

    Honey Bee – pollinates flowers and fruit

    common Worms – break down compost and build good soil.

    Some of the harmful insects for your landscape include:

    Carpenter Ants
    Red Ants

    Insects that Feed on Leaves

    Leaf Beetles

    Insects that Feed on Plant juices

    Spider Mites
    Scale Insects
    Mealy Bugs, Whiteflies, and Psyllids

    Insects that attack Woody plants

    Bark beetles
    Tip Moths

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