How To Repair A Broken Bed Box Spring Slat

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    Things happen and when they do you need to be able to fix them. A visitor writes about a broken box spring that happened when one of their teenage children’s friends decided to jump on a bed. Not really smart but not the end of the world. In this case the wooden slats that run across the bottom of the box spring split really bad and although you can’t sleep on it until its fixed the rest of the box spring didn’t have damage. These things are pretty tough.

    The first thing you want to do is assess the damage like we said in this case the damage is pretty small. If the damage was in another location you might not be able to make and easy fix but here we can get this done in about 2 hours including the drive to the Home Lumber Supply store to pick up a piece of wood and screws.

    the first thing you want to do is get a real good measurement on that piece of wood that was cracked. Use a measuring tape and measure both the length of the piece and the dimensions of the thickness and width of the wood. In this case a 1 inch x 3 inch board that is long enough should be a good replacement. Never go smaller.. always go slightly larger if you can’t get the exact size and exact sizing in this case is not important.

    You don’t need to remove it if it is still in place you will just be putting another new piece of wood right next to it.

    get a 1″x3″ piece of wood cut to size at your home store often they have a miter box and saw and will cut it for free but if not you will have to cut it at home.

    You will want to install the new piece of wood with wood screws or a better and less expensive choice is fine thread drywall screws which are heavy enough for most projects and work great if the screw is not exposed since they are black in color.

    Using a little wood glue wouldn’t hurt either and if you have some clamps they will be good for holding the piece in place while you put in the screws

    Like I said don’t take the old one out just put the new one right next to it and once it is in if you used wood glue you want to give it 8 hrs before you use the bed for the glue to dry. A full day would be best but if you do this early in the day you can sleep on it by night time.


    Final Note

    Making repairs to bed frames or other furniture items does not take a lot of work, skill or effort. This job would probably take you an hour if you had all the materials but maybe less.

    The important thing is to use a piece of wood that is the same size or slightly larger and don’t use one thats smaller.

    Wood Glue or Construction adhesive is worth using and although this piece was probably pin nailed in with a nail gun a few wood screws or drywall screws will hold it well enough to finish the repair.


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