How To Select Snow Chains for your Vehicle

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    When the weather gets bad sometimes you have no choice but to drive in it and for times like this you really need a good set of snow tires but unfortunately most people purchase all weather tires today.

    If you are out on the road and stuck someplace a temporary option is to install snow chains or snow cables to get you home or to a safe place. Snow chains even the best ones should not be used for an extended period of time however many people use then anytime there is snow on the road.

    Snow chains and cables are designed for short distances at slow speeds you should never drive in excess of 30 miles an hour or for distances over 30 miles.

    Selecting the right snow chains for your vehicle
    There are a wide variety of different styles of snow chains and cables. The first thing you should understand is that snow cables are not as heavy duty as snow chains they will not last as long and they will not perform as well. Unfortunately not all vehicles can use a full set of snow chains.

    Snow chains are actually chain links. Snow cables come in a variety of types however they are easily distinguishable because they are not actual chain link.

    Whats selecting the size of snow chain that you need you will need to use a chart that lists the size of tire your vehicle uses.

    How difficult are snow chains to install
    Because you will often need to install your snow chains on the road they must be easy to install by anyone operating your vehicle. Manufacturers have designed of variety of different fastening systems to make the installation process much easier. Some products are self adjusting and tightening other products require you to retighten your chains after driving a small distance. Self-tightening mechanisms can come in ratcheting devices or something as simple as a rubber band type device that keeps the chain tight.

    No matter which system of chains you purchase you must always take the time in good weather to install them and test the fit. You must also train whoever might be using a vehicle to install them prior to their needs.

    Chain link snow chains
    If your vehicle can you snow chains they are your best option because they will perform better. There are a variety of options and styles such as diagonal, crosslink and chains with additional gripper links.

    How many wheels need snow chains
    For best for performance many people recommend that even if you have a 2 wheel drive vehicle that you use snow chains on all tires. This is not technically necessary and only your drive wheels actually need snow chains however in some circumstances you can benefit with snow chains on non drive wheels. In very icy conditions or deep snow if you have rear wheel drive it can be a benefit to put snow chains on your front wheels so that you can easily steer.

    Final note
    I suggest that whenever you decide to select snow chains for your vehicle that you visit the manufacturer’s website and view product videos that show how to install a variety of different types that your vehicle may use.

    After viewing product videos you understand how difficult it is to install snow chains in the best conditions you must then expect installing them on the road in harsh conditions will be much more difficult especially since you have not been trained by the manufacturer and given many chances to make mistakes.

    Whatever your selection your vehicle should have a better chance in the snow and ice then without the use of these products. The only problem you may run into is if a chain breaks and causes damage to a part in your suspension or braking system. Whenever you suspect there may be damaged or a loose chain you should stop your vehicle immediately inspect for damage and remove the chain if necessary. If you ever see fluid coming from a line near your wheel and your breaking system is compromised do not drive your vehicle any further call for emergency help and a tow truck.

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