Storm Emergency Preparedness

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    No one can really predict the problems that come with storms but if you live in an area that has seen storm emergencies before you can probably count on them happening again.

    Some simple inexpensive steps can be taken to reduce an emergency to a mild discomfort to your day to day life and with a little planing you can probably get through a few days or even a couple weeks without having to depend on Emergency Services.

    The first thing to understand is… when is it too much for you to handle alone.

    Often we like to think that the fact because we were Born on a Farm, in the Boy Scouts the Military or just like to go camping we have been taught how to survive in times of trouble. Although the skills and trials that we have gone through can help us there are times when we just can’t do it all ourselves.

    If you are older or have young children or if you have medical problems then you must always weigh those needs against your primal instinct to make a stand and live it out. In these cases your skills should be best placed in trying to get yourself out of the situation. Instead of waiting to find out if a storm warning becomes a real danger you might have a family member or friend that you could go visit for a few days or you might just decide that instead of taking that vacation 6 months from now you will get out of town right now.

    With that said lets look at some of the things we can do to make our lives a little easier during a storm emergency.

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