How To Select the right wrenchs for your toolbox

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    When selecting a wrench set for your toolbox you have many options including the types and quality of wrenches to select from. The one thing to remember is that wrenches come in two different measurements metric wrenches and SAE or American measurement standards.

    Depending on the application you may want to use hand wrenches, ratchet wrenches or you may want to use use wrenches or sockets an electric or air powered power tools.

    For the lightest applications you will use hand tools for heavier duty applications you will need power tools. When using power tools with socket wrenches you want to make sure that the socket is a hardened tool. Hardened sockets are usually named impact sockets they can stand up to heavy pressure from an air powered impact wrench. If you were to use a standard socket with an impact wrench you will most likely crack the socket and destroy it.

    Hand tool wrenches come in a variety of types. The most common type is an open end wrench which can be used in most situations. Unfortunately the amount of torque that you can apply is limited so you will want to use a boxed end wrench or socket wrench for heavier applications. There are also specialty tools such as a line wrench that can be placed over an installed line and fitting to loosen the fitting.

    Socket wrenches come in two standard types. Six point which are used when  you need more torque or twelve point when you need easier quicker removal of a bolt.

    As we already talked about socket wrenches come in conventional and impact socket types. An impact socket can be used in any situation where it fits but a standard socket should not be used with power tools.

    If you are building a tool set for your car you should get the size standard that matches your vehicle normally import vehicles are metric and you will want a socket wrench set 3/8 inch and a hand tool set the has both open end and boxed end sides.

    For your garage I suggest that you look at building a full tool set with standard an impact wrench sockets and a variety of different hand tool wrenches.

    You can build your tool set overtime it is not necessary to buy everything at once if you do not have an impact wrench then you do not need impact sockets. I normally like to use six point sockets because there’s less of a chance of stripping a nut. However in tight situations a 12 point socket can help you remove a nut faster.

    Line wrenches are really great tools for brake work because they give you extra torque ability over a standard wrench.

    Final note

    Building a tool set for your car toolkit should not be as large as your garage tool set because you do not want to carry around heavy tools in your vehicle when you do not need them however you should have enough tools in your vehicle to perform most jobs when you are on the road. Your garage tool set should have more tools that you can use when repairing your car or repairing something in your home.

    Tool sets do not have to be expensive they just have to be good quality. On the other hand you do not want to purchase dollar store tools that you know will fall apart the first time you use them.

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