Comcast Announces 2 Gigabit Service but the cost is INSANE

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    If you are a power internet user and love to stream HD TV to all of the TVs in your house at the same time you are downloading huge amounts of software then a Two Gigabit connection might be just what you need.

    First lets put this in perspective… Comcast’s lowest priced plan of 3mbit down costs you $30 a month if you buy a mid level TV package or $40 a month if you only get internet service.

    Their new service is about 650 times faster than that package and there are no caps on transfer. On the other hand the signup and install is expected to cost you $1000 before you download your first Netflix movie and then every month it will cost you $300 for starters with a 2 year commitment so you can expect that price to go up.

    If comcast was honest in their sales to lower cost plan holders your monthly cost for that base 3mbit plan would be 45 CENTS a month… I don’t know about you but I would be more than happy to have my plan cost about $1 a month for a 10mbit hookup which would be more than I would need to watch live video or stream from youtube or netflix.

    Yeah thats not going to happen and if you are a lower plan holder expect a large price hike in the future when they start implementing Caps on Lower plans but still won’t have caps on these insane 2Gigabit users.

    Thats right comcast is testing a plan where you get 5gigs of transfer a month thats it 5 gigs.. if you watch 1 HD (actual) movie you could be done for the month.

    Its really quite offensive how abusive comcasts pricing is.



    If you are on a 3mbit plan you should have no caps.. actually you should have your speed increased to 5 or 10mbit just to keep up with technology.

    If you are on one of their extremeblasthrusting plans and you can download ten times or twenty or how about 650 times as much data all day long ..

    crap…  it would take the base 3mbit plan two years of constant downloading.. to download what a 2gig plan can in one day.

    But you are expected to pay 10% of the cost or more if you don’t have a TV Subscription.


    Anyway millions of homes are supposedly able to get this 2gig plan and you can bet some idiot on your local loop will have one of these accounts and there goes your ability to get to anything on the net while they hammer it.

    Yeah .. I am not too enthusiastic about this for many reasons…

    Then again if Comcast wants to find a little honesty and increase the base plans to 25mbit and reduce the cost to $15 a month without a TV subscription this would be a start. And It would still be 30% more expensive than a prorated 2gig plan.

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