Choosing an Air Compressor

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    What is the likelihood that we can run both tools off of the same size compressor?

    Probably pretty good since both of the tools are medium sized tools but because the Paint Gun requires so much more volume even at a lower PSI rating we may find that a small or even a Medium sized Compressor won’t be up to the task of delivering that much air constantly.

    Now lets try to find a compressor that has the ratings to run both of our tools.

    From prior use of these type items I can say that the Paint gun will need at least a 5 hp compressor with good ratings.

    Lets try this compressor

    Porter-Cable CPF4515 15 Amp 4.5 HP 15-Gallon Air Compressor

    This is a medium sized general use 4.5 HP compressor lets see its ratings.

    15 amp, 4-1/2-horsepower, 15-gallon oil-free wheeled single hot dog compressor with handle
    Max 135 psi; 8 cfm at 40 psi, 5.7 cfm at 90 psi; 90 dB
    Cast-iron construction
    Includes compressor, ASME safety valve, air regulator, gauges, 1/4-inch coupler, manual
    110 pounds; 1-year warranty

    Well this is a very decent size compressor but it seems while it can run our Impact Wrench 4CFM@ 90PSI it wont be able to keep up with our Spray Gun at 8.5CFM@ 90PSI

    That was pretty close lets look for a bigger compressor.
    This one was 4.5 HP so maybe we need a 6 HP

    Porter-Cable CPLC7060V 15 Amp 7 Horsepower 60-Gallon Oiled Vertical Compressor

    135 Max PSI allows for longer air tool run time
    60 gallon (ASME) tank supports heavy duty air tool usage
    7 HP motorĀ 
    Voltage: 240 Amps: 20

    Air Delivery 12.1 CFM @ 40 PSI
    Air Delivery 9.78 CFM @ 90 PSI

    It seems that this Compressor can run both of our tools and will have a little room to spare.

    Ok so now we know that a small compressor will not work.

    And we checked the Medium sized compressors rated at about 5HP and that was still not enough flow to run our Paint Gun.

    So we finally stepped up to the larger sized compressors and found that it could run everything we want to run..

    Now the difficult part

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