How To – How To Quiet A Squeaky Door

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    Its not just in haunted houses every home is likely to have one but what is the best way to quiet that door that is always squeaking?

    The cure for a squeaky door is pretty simple and if you do it right you may not have to deal with it again for years.  The reason doors normally squeak is because the hinges on the door are rubbing against the center hinge pin.

    The first thing that you need to do is inspect the hinges on your door and make sure that they are securely attached to the door frame and door panel.  Open the door and lift it by the door knob and look at the hinges. Some movement is normal in the center of the hinge but if there is movement because of loose screws you will need to take care of it before you move on.

    If your door is old the hinge pin could be worn. Remove one pin at a time by using a screwdriver and tapping the pin out towards the top. It is best if the door is not completely closed when you do this because the pin could be pinched by the hinge and this will make it more difficult to get out. Only remove one pin at a time.

    The hinge pin should be smooth with no groves and it should be covered with a grease. Many people will spray utility oil on a hinge pin but the oil will not stand up for a long period of time. The squeak will go away for a few weeks but it will soon come back.

    Lubricating the Hinge Pin

    The best grease to use to lubricate your hinge pins is an automotive grease. Since you may or may not have a tube of this grease in your garage you don’t need to buy a full tube of it you can go to your automotive supply store and pickup a small packet about the size of a ketchup packet and this will be more then enough to lubricate a few doors in your home.  Usually these packets are sold at the checkout if not ask the parts counter.

    Remove one pin at a time and clean any buildup with a paper towel.

    Apply a thin layer of the grease to the pin then using a Q-tip lubricate the inside of the hinge.

    Replace the hinge pin and continue the same process with the remaining two hinge pins.

    After you have lubricated the hinges you will need to swing the door a few times to make sure the grease has covered all of the surfaces.

    Final Note

    Aligning hinge pins can be a headache so only remove one pin at a time this should make the job a little easier.

    If you find that your hinge pin is grooved because of extended use and age then you may need to replace the hinges on your door to make it work properly. This is not normal and hinges usually last the life of the home if they are installed properly and if they are lubricated regularly.

    Don’t go overboard applying too much grease to the pin or inside the hinge a small amount that completely covers the surface is enough. Too much and it will be all over your hands. You will find this out the first pin you work on.

    Some security hinges like the silver one above can not have the pin removed in this case you may need to use an oil to lubricate it. Expect to reapply the lubricant often.









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